Q & A With the Ultimate Man Cave Expert Jason Cameron [ INTERVIEW ]

Interview with Jason Cameron – DIY Network Man Cave Expert

How does a hobby turn into a career that teaches men how to do cool man stuff?

Jason Cameron is the host of the “DIY Network: Man Caves“, a famous TV show that teaches men how to create the ultimate space to hang out in their homes aka ‘man caves’ — a true refuge where the whole family can enjoy everything from limited guitars, garage cave, sport lovers, or even tents over in Kuwait.



Jason Cameron Bio  

The talented and creative Jason Cameron was born April 19th, of 1969 in Toledo, Ohio. He attended Northern Michigan University and paid for his college education by working as a carpenter. After college, he delved into an acting career. His first role of notoriety was on the show, “While You Were Out”.  However, after that, he moved on to his true calling, carpentry.
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Jason had a passion for construction, design and carpentry in his youth, and it just evolved as he grew older. His love for building and creating made him get a contracting license after “While You Were Out” ended in 2006.  Not long afterwards, he was approached by the DIY Network for a position with “Desperate Landscapes” in 2007. However, things didn’t stop there. Cameron’s passionate drive for evolving spaces into something better landed him a hosting position with two additional DIY Network shows, “Man Caves” and “Project Xtreme”.

Some may look at Cameron and consider him just another television pretty boy playing a role. Not surprisingly, within minutes of watching this talented carpenter at work, that opinion will change. He builds, does landscaping, hardscaping and more for DIY, but he has also renovated his own home and yard.


Evolution of the man cave


Perhaps one of his most passionate and flexible talents is the evolution of the man cave. Jason is capable of stepping into any space, regardless of size and altering it into the perfect masculine playroom. Each and every episode, Cameron and affiliates take on a new project involving renovating a room into an amazing man cave. Customization is a necessary part of the job, and Jason has the capability to look around and see the big picture, exactly how the occupant wants it. He takes a plain space and transforms it into a mini bar lounge, game room, multi media center, movie room and more, utilizing a variety of themes. Whatever the owner envisions, Cameron will make it happen complete with a rock and roll, sports, tropical, gamer or “Playboy” style.

After each and every room to man cave evolution, the owners are amazed at the changes Cameron has managed to incorporate. In many cases, overcoming near impossible challenges to create the man cave desired, which further attests to his amazing carpentry skills. James Cameron loved carpentry as a child, and has now taken that love and evolved into the most renowned man cave creator ever to stand in front of a filming crew.


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Jason Cameron Interview | Dude Living Exclusive


Thank you for this interview!  I really appreciate you taking the time of your busy schedule to answer these few questions for our audience. When constructing a man cave no matter how many times we move or redesign certain elements in the end the man cave tends to look very similar to our last one. What keeps that creativity going even after 10 seasons?

Jason Cameron: We are fortunate to have a great design team that works with us on each episode to make sure that we’re current and on trend with our designs.  That said, I am always on the lookout personally for design ideas to inspire me, and Goose and I do have final say on what is “Man Cave Approved.”

Do you ever go back and watch some of the earlier episodes of man cave? Do you notice a trend or evolution in your own interior design preference?

Jason Cameron: Every once in a while I’ll catch an old episode and for the most part feel like I’ve been consistent with my design preference.  One thing we have always tried to do on the show is to find innovative designs and cool inimitable pieces so that we create something for the end user that is unique to their home.

If one were on an extremely tight budget, what is that one thing in your man cave that you shouldn’t try to save on?

Jason Cameron: Technology…  Whether that means your televisions, sound system, etc, I would not cut corners on technology.

What kind of man cave decoration do you like to see in every mancave?

I love seeing one major piece to tie the room together.  Whether that’s a bar, desk, etc., something that is a signature piece within the room is something I look for in every design.

Recently we talked about how relationships can be saved by simply carving out a little space for oneself to distress from daily work and have a little paradise to call one’s own. What kind of difference do you see in people after finishing a man cave for themselves.

I wish we got to do more follow up with the people for whom we design, but for the most part it provides the homeowner with a place to go and, as you said, to call his own.  Someplace where a guy can relax, clear his head, watch the game and de-stress, if only for a few minutes.  If that happens, we’ve done our job!

Anything else you would like to share?

Yes.  I’m going to be appearing in an upcoming movie called Hades Awaits.


Hades Awaits movie 2015


Author: Eric Pangburn

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  1. I built a man cave a few years ago, loved it and even though it was a bit of a creepy old shed it did it’s job. The large spiders added to the manliness of it. But the basketball hoop in the cave, that’s a new level! Can’t help but wonder how many screens I’d go through with an off shot…

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