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Momentary Ink Review – High Quality, Realistic Temporary Tattoo

Temporary tattoos have come a long way since my early childhood days. Today an extensive range is available on the market in all kinds of different styles and sizes. Body art has always played a strong part in self expression, however the notion of a permanent ink on ones skin has kept many from committing. If you are quite bored with your gaze and looking for a unique way to express yourself, then tamporary tattoos from could be the perfect solution.

These are not your little dinky tattoos, these are high quality, realistic tattoos that last for 90 days or longer.  


You can find all kinds of temporary tattoo designs from quotes, signs, and popular tattoos to custom artists designs with stencils that are made to say or show whatever you want.


Some of the qualities of tattoos:

  • Suitable for for ages 3 and up
  • Apply easily with water and sealing solution
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Printed in the USA with FDA and European Community certified ingredients only
  • Last 90 days
  • Hand-picked Artists Driven Designs
  • Create or Upload your own Designs

How to create a custom tattoo:

  1. Choose the size
  2. Select the quantity
  3. Create your tattoo or upload your own design


Applying the temporary tattoos is painless!


custom temporary tattoos


No needles, no crying, and it’s very fast and easy. In as little as a few minutes, you will have a that tattoo sleeve you always wanted. Even the act of applying it, is pleasurable. With some water, the temporary tattoos transfer from paper onto the skin. With the provided brush with each order, brush on a thin layer of our Tattoo Be Real-TM Potion, and they’ll be good to go for 90 days. This time frame is enough to see how you feel and if that is the right design to go with.

Removing the temporary tattoos is as simple as taking some household rubbing alcohol and scrubbing them off. You can also use some baby oil to do the same.

Custom Temporary Tattoo Designs


realistic temporary tattoos


If you are looking for some attractive or unique designs and not getting the desired one, then it is advised to Create Your Own Temporary Tattoo. Mostly the tattoo is applied to common areas such as rib cage, arm, the belly button area, upper back, hip, calves, wrist, and side. You can make your own elegant designs in any shape.

No doubt, temporary tattoos are a great way to test our a tattoo without worrying about any permanent side-effects. Naturally, you can take the assistance of artisans, with more artists being added to the website you can rely to find something that you like.

Tattoos for Events and Special Occasions


tattoo designsOur intern Dave though that these would be perfect for special events. Whatever be your occasion, make some fun custom temporary tattoos that can drive brand awareness. If you really like body art and want to motivate others with an inspirational message for example, then give out these tattoo to those who donate to your cause.

With the assistance of well-renowned tattoo artists, you can make them any shape and any size you are looking for. These are undoubtedly great because of the affordability and endless amount of choice. The best part is that such tattoos are painless and can be easily removed.


Take a look at Momentary Ink Tattoo Designs to see what they have to offer. 


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