Truck Transforms into a Man Cave

Man Cave Truck – Truck Turns into a House

This is truly a wonder of the modern world discovered by Bryce over at In a spectacular fashion, the man cave vehicle that resembles an RV. However, two turrets on the back it hint at something more. Once  parked, the truck unfolds into a majestic castle that is simply breathtaking when you realize that it meets all safety requirements and is fully legal to drive on the road.



The man cave truck was designed to combine an indoor outdoor feel to match the family’s active lifestyle. Doors that slide open to welcome all nature has to offer decorate the front, while an open rooftop with a hammock gives a full panoramic view of the surroundings.

Inside the castle truck is just as impressive as the outside. A fully working kitchen, a sleeping loft, a bathroom, and a shower; and none of them are in the same room.


truck transforms into man cave


One of the more impressive feats of the truck is that it is self-sustaining and entirely off the grid. It runs on solar power, as well as heating water through said power, a wetback fire, and a reasonable amount of gas. It also catches rain water and stores it in tanks that rest below the vehicle.

This castle truck is an amazing form of engineering that is a testament to what can be done with small living spaces. In my opinion, this will pave the way for much more amazing home/vehicle hybrids in the near future.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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