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Traxedo Promo

The luck O’ the Irish could be ours this Saint Patrick’s Day! How, you ask?

We could be sporting one of these fabulous, one stop shop outfits for any and all festivities, the Traxedo.


taxedo track suit


At first glance, the Traxedo, if going with the Classic, gives the look of a suave, sophisticated special agent, out on the town for a few pints. In reality, this ensemble harbors a secret identity, as one of the most comfortable track suits ever worn. There won’t be any question of fashion, as it is obviously, the most stylish.

Wearing this outfit will make us the talk of the evening, as ladies cannot look away.

Our buddies will be looking to get one of their own, and with the assortment of colors available, we can all have an original look. The Traxedo offers a one of a kind design, blending East Indian organics with a flash of the wild, unique Hungarian Track suit. The easy flow feel and movement of the 100% Polyester material is literally surprising, when evaluating the overall “secret agent” look and appeal. The pants offer zip up pockets to keep our valuables secure. The jacket can zip all the way, or be worn slightly loose, giving a relaxed, after party attitude. The tie is designed to swing naturally if worn loose, but also attaches firmly for a more traditional viewing.


traxedo track suit tuxedoWe can become like the distinguished gentlemen of the ball on casual Friday, or on the green, playing golf with the guys. If the wife or girlfriend insists we dress up for the outing, surely she won’t object to us wearing a Traxedo. It does offer the best of both worlds. This out on the town, special event, or work out track suit, can also make the perfect attire for our favorite sporting events.

We shall make quite the statement, especially when wearing the home team colors.

The Traxedo is priced at just $59.95, which is quite the bargain when considering the versatility it will add to our armoire. Not to mention it is available in a literal crayon box of colors and creative patterns. We can go black and white for the Classic, the Dragon, which is fire red and white, or in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day, the Irish. If the Leprechaun is smiling upon us, we might just have the luck of ole’ Saint Patty himself.

We could win one of these all original designs, but a flask in the pocket will not be included. Our humble apologies, Lads, for that you’ll be needin’ to get your own.

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Author: Eric Pangburn

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