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Top Five Gadgets Of International Consumer Electronics Show


This year at the International Consumer Electronics Show (International CES) convention in Las Vegas, more than 3600 exhibiting companies brought the best of all consumer gadgets that 2016 has seen (so far!). Ranging from the typical drones that are becoming more and more commonplace to the far out and extreme that won’t be on the market for ages to come- CES has it all. But while you won’t be able to buy any of these on the spot, seeing the possibilities of technology in the future makes it more than worth waiting for! These are the top five gadgets to come out of CES this year!


MSI Tobii Eye-Tracking Gaming Laptop


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Gaming has become more and more immersive, with the Oculus Rift and many other gadgets taking the field into the future. But the need for a controller or keyboard has always broken through the virtual reality. Until now, that is! The newest gaming laptop presented at CES by MSI, namely the GT72S Tobii, is slated to change gaming as we know it by being the first PC to integrate eye-tracking technology into the laptop itself. No specs have been specifically revealed yet, but they have stated that it will include both the eye-tracking technology and facial recognition support. As soon as MSI officially sets a price, you’ll be able to use your eyes to shoot and look around in game. Pretty neat, right?


Genii Cast


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In every long distance relationship, there comes that second of yearning where you wish your significant other was watching your favorite show with you. With Genii’s Cast, a brand new video streaming hub, you can finally keep in touch about your favorite shows apart but together. Cast will let you share content from services like Netflix or Hulu with up to five other people, allowing you to watch a show on up to six devices at the same time. This one is still in the works though, as Genii still needs to figure out several things about sharing content and legality, but a launch is being planned for this year.


Parrot Disco Drones


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Parrot drones have been a famous addition to CES for a few years, and this year they upped the ante. This year the company unveiled their newest model called the Parrot Disco, which is a fixed wing drone that can launch by being launched into the air like a Frisbee. And that’s not all the Parrot Disco can do! Once in the air, the drone’s autopilot kicks in and helps beginner fliers to learn how to navigate. The Disco drone also features a 14 megapixel camera, GPS return sensors and when completed it should be able to fly up to 50 miles per hour. Even better? It should be out officially by later this year, but be warned that it will be an instant sell-out!


GaijinPot Ili The Wearable Translator


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Travelling would be so much easier if we could understand languages in an instant. The Ili wearable translator from the Japanese company GaijinPot aims to do exactly that by being a translator the size of a thumb drive that can be worn as a necklace or lanyard, making it 100% portable! The Ili works by letting the user speak into the device while holding the button down, then when the user has released the button the Ili will translate into another language in real time. But what about Wi-Fi, you must be asking yourself. While it’s true that translating that much on your phone is bound to incur data charges, the Ili is designed to work offline, with no connection needed for your translation to come to life. For now it is set to work with English, Japanese and Chinese with more plans to add French, Thai, Italian, Arabic and Spanish in the future.


Stabilo Digipen


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So a lot of the things on the list are pretty far out of reach for most, except for this last one. Stabilo is a well-known German pen company, and the Digipen is bound to be even more well-known. This is no normal ballpoint, as it actually reads you handwriting and coverts all your notes and writing into digital text for you. But the smart pen has been out forever, how is this different? Well, unlike other smart pens, Stabilo’s Digipens are designed to work on any kind of paper- meaning you don’t have to buy those special notebooks that smart pens need to process your words to digital. At CES many representatives from the company showed their own handwriting as a demonstration, and that they had already set up a lot of software. So for all the note-takers out there, there is hope in the form of the Digipen set to come out later this year.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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