Top 5 Etsy Men’s Rings


Top 5 Men’s Rings we found on Etsy

A ring, in most cases, serves a purpose. The purpose may be to signify a betrothal, a membership, a sign of authority, a unique sense of style, or occasionally, to perform an actual task. We have gone through the pages of Etsy to find five of the most unique rings available for the modern man. Mind you there are an abundance of vintage and handmade rings available. However, each of these struck a chord as something to signify originality, making a man stand out amongst those with a solid circle around one or more fingers.

Silver and gold, steel or brass, each of these rings offers something unique that will make friends and family remember our individual sense of style:


beer opener ring


The first on our list is the Skull Reaper Ring, which can be cast from steel, silver, bronze, sterling silver, brass, gold steel, nickel and stainless steel. For only $49.99, this Reaper ring can be a real show stopper. Why?  It isn’t “just” a ring, but instead, is also a bottle opener. No longer are men stuck wondering where we left our bottle opener, when we want a cold one.  Instead, we can just use our ring, and open sesame! Our brew is now accessible.

This unique reaper ring has an extending lower jaw, and the lower teeth are used to pop that top on our favorite bottled beverage. Twist offs be dammed, it is time to go back to the original way a man enjoys a frosty beverage… the bottle. We can even go into our favorite local dive and help out the bartender, opening a few cold ones for the thirsty ladies nearby.


44 revolver mens ring


The second unusual ring design puts a little bang in our buck, as it is an exact replica, down to scale of the chamber of a 44 Cal revolver reformatted into a ring. This original design comes straight out of New York in Sterling Silver for only $280, available in sizes a large as 14, and as mall as a 4, including half sizes. This beauty is 14 mm wide in 4 though 8, and 20 mm wide in all size 9 and above. The stylish design is set with 1.5 mm diamonds lined across the ridge of the chamber. A diamond also marks the 44 cal period. All diamonds used are individually selected from a bonded dealer in the diamond district, and must be H1 G1. Each ring has the diamonds individually bezet, one stone at a time, aka silver is folded over for each setting.


utility knife ring


One of the most unusual rings we’ve had the pleasure of seeing is the third on our list, the Utility Ring.  The ring was created from
aerospace grade titanium, giving it an “unbreakable” sheen, with a comfort fit. What makes it unique, priced at $295, is the fact it offers a small selection of commonly needed tools. Included are a straight blade, for cutting tape or a tangled fishing line, a bottle opener, for our beer, a serrated blade, bot those hard to slice heat sealed packages or nylon strapings, a comb, as we never know when we need to look our best, and finally, a tiny saw, for sawing wood or plastic. It may sound strange, but though these tools are miniscule, they can and will do a fabulous job.
Do not confuse this ring with a mass produced generic version, or some ridiculous toy. Each of these unique titanium rings is engineered professionally, and made to last. They are also engravable, BUT, a Roman font is suggested due to the fine internal lines created from polishing. The utility ring is not only useful, but it also looks incredibly stylish, and makes a very masculine statement

cool ring for men

Another unique design is the fourth on our list, the Sterling Silver Rave /Eagle Bird Ring, which includes a classy Sapphire Faceted Gem for only $325. This vintage design is made of signed sterling and features an original southwestern native design. Both the Raven and the Eagle are native totem animals, making this a somewhat spiritual choice. The bird of prey holds the sapphire gem in its talon, signifying how the Raven steals the sun. This ring is a vintage design, and can represent strength, wisdom, courage, spiritual protection, magic, creation, healing and illumination of spirit. This vintage design is a real head turner that makes a special statement about those who chose this design. This is a ring of confidence, character and tradition.


best ring for men


The final ring, number five in our top five is a truly unique design that was influenced heavily by Native American design and technique. The incredible meteorite inlay ring, priced at $295 is 100% handmade utilizing 100% recycled turquoise, meteorite, sterling silver, lapis lazuli, and antler bone. Though turquoise is known to fade over time, this ring has been stabilized to disallow and discoloration and increase the strength to prevent chipping. Each individual section of the stone inlays have been hand cut, to ensure quality, then overlaid with a high polish, to add a smooth texture and quality sheen. This ring is stylish enough to use as a dress ring, wedding band, or casual wear accessory. Each individual ring is made to order and custom orders are accepted, including stone changes. It is shown in polished sterling, but it is also available in 14k yellow gold, if preferred.

Each of these top 5 unique Etsy rings makes a statement, and can be worn for a variety of occasions. Rather we want to dress up, dress down or just have a casual afternoon or evening, one of these 5 custom designs will stand up for the occasion. We can feel tough in titanium, put on the ritz with some gold and stay classic with silver. Whatever we choose to do, any one of these rings can add an extra boost of personality to the occasion.


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