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Top 10 Board Games 2014

Today we present top 10 board games that are approved for Dude Living.


top 10 board games


Board games have been around since before the time of the ancient pyramids, and men have always enjoyed a controlled challenge. In those days, stone tablets were the board and carved stones represented player pieces. Like modern games, there were sets of rules, along with pieces or counters, which were moved around on pre-marked surfaces. The rules varied by game, but initially, most were strategy based, dice, or a combination of the two. Modern board games still hold the same basic principles of their ancient origins.

Board games may seem mundane compared to the array of multimedia games, like World of Warcraft and Halo, but fear not, we have handpicked the best board games that you need to try.

We have listed our top 10 favorite strategy board games, for those that want to embrace the challenge:


time's up board game review

Time’s Up Board Game 

This charade style adult game was released in 2000, and offers tons of fun for 6 suggested players. The players split into teams, which will play 3 rounds. Players describe their clue without words on the first round. The second round, players can use one word to describe their clue. The final round players can use only gestures, much like charades. The team that gets the most answers correct during the rounds wins the game. The Cheapest Price we found when shopping around was $23 dollars. Take a look Time’s Up – $23.31 CHECK STOCK


wits and waggers board game


Wits and Wagers

This game is the most fun with 6 to 7 players, but up to 21 people can join in. The numerical trivia game is played in seven rounds, regardless the number of players. Each round, a single question is asked, players then provide a numerical response to the questions. Players can simultaneously make bets on what their opinion of the right answer, along with other answers being revealed. The question/answer odds are placed on a board, where players ponder the odds to determine the right response.  Winners collect chips after each round and the overall winner will have the most chips at the end of 7 rounds. Adding the element of alcohol can make it even more entertaining. The lowest price was around $24 dollars last time we checked. There should be a few still available at that price. take a look Wits & Wagers Board Game $24.98


go board game


GO Board Game

This is a 2 player game of skill and strategy, which was created more than 2,500 years ago in China. This cerebral game offers Analects of the renowned Confucius, and features a 19”X 19” grid style board. Players must strategically claim territories within the board boarders, while trapping the stones of the nemesis. The game ends when the board is full, or players decide it is game over. There are game boards that can range upwards in $1000 of dollars but we have found one just for 20 bucks. Take a look here Go Game with Wood Board Price $20.89


Kemet Board Game for sale


Kemet Board Game

When it comes to a cool looking game, Kemet is perfect, sporting the most unique game avatars around. Not only does it look cool, it also has a cool play style for a war game. From the makers of Cyclades, this creative board game features a two sided board. This 2 to 5 player game offers a great time among friends, as you struggle to destroy and take over one another’s lands. Hours will fly by, this game is a bit more spendy that the lineup thus far. Kemet Board Game Price $62.97


Ticket to Ride Board Game


Ticket To Ride

This is a German railroad themed board game that was released in 2004, for 2 to 5 players. To start the game, each player chooses a destination card. This destination becomes the goal for the end of the game. Each person must reach their destination by collecting and using cards. The cards helps players decide if the longevity of the route makes it worth taking. This is a cut throat game where players can do things to complicate the journey of the other players. Ticket to Ride is a very in-depth game that can be as much fun for 2 players as for five. When a player puts his last piece into play, everyone gets one more turn. The winner will have achieved running the most routes by railway at the end. Very competitive and fun game, we found the lowest price to be $35 dollars. Take a look Ticket To Ride Price $35.95


trajan board game



This 2 to 4 player game utilizes the wonders of ancient Rome in all its glory. Players choose their role in the Roman Empire, be it in the glorious military, the noble politics, or the much needed merchant and trading class. Players must gain victory points in order to move along their path, and this is a task. Rome was known to be a cut throat city, where merchants and nobleman were known to disappear, or be brutally murdered. Trajan has a mancala style system, which makes it different then most games. Players must envision their goals several stages in advance to be successful. This is a fantastic strategy based game of war in Rome where the most cunning usually wins. The best price we found was $45 dollars Trajan Board Game Price $45.50


last night on earth board game


Last Night on Earth, The Zombie Board Game

Zombies have became quite popular over the past few decades and this Zombie game is best played with 6 players (to be fair to the living and the dead).  This is a thrill seeking zombie game for both those who want to be a zombie, and those that want to kill the zombies. This is a zombie survival kit where players become either the “Hero”or “Zombie” team. The objective of each team is to conquer the other team and survive. Those that love the horror genre will find Last Night on Earth has a definite horror movie feel. Not to mention, there is an added bonus to get that creepy feeling, as this game comes with its own scary soundtrack. If you love zombies, this is a must play game. Take a look at more pictures and details here, Last Night On Earth – Price $34.44


cards against humanity


Cards Against Humanity

This is actually more of a card game then a board game, but it can seriously liven up a party or small get together. Grab a group of 4 or more friends that aren’t easily offended, and this becomes the best addition to the mancave since beer. This game is recommended for adults only, specifically adults with a wicked sense of humor. It is just a game, so no one should be chastised for their response… however, mom and grandmom may not be on the recommended list. The game costs $25 dollars and you can add variety with different expansions for $10 dollars each. Take a look here Cards Against Humanity Price $25


cash and guns board game


Cash n’ Guns

This exciting 6 or more player game was published in 2005. The game objective is to be the richest “gangsta”. The gang of thieves splits their loot in an abandoned warehouse, but don’t expect solutions to be equal. Your object is to be the richest gangsta and that means fighting for wealth by stealing, flashing your guns, and the occasional bribe. Since the original release the 2nd edition brought more variety to the table. Perspective players will find classic gun cards, along with shame and wounded markers. This is a game to bring out your inner mafia mobster. Cash N Guns Price $29.72


Risk board game



Risk is all about strategy. It is considered one of the best board games ever designed. It was originally produced by Parker Brothers, which was later absorbed into a tiny corner of Hasbro.

Albert Lamorisse, the renowned French film maker, originally created this extremely cerebral board game. The first release was 1957 in France, as “La Conquête du Monde”, meaning “The Conquest of the World”. Parker Brothers purchased and released Conquest in 1959, as the best new board game Risk, The Game of Global Domination. This is a 2 to 4 player, turn-based game. The game board depicts a political map of the Earth, which is divided into forty-two territories, resting upon 6 continents. Gamer objectives in this game are to move armies in, occupy territories, eliminate competing players, and take over the world. Movement and results are based upon dice rolls. The game has had many different adaptation, from Halo to Doctor Who. The Original will run about 20 dollars or so and the different adaptations will cost more around $40 or so. Here is the original we found Risk – The Game of Global Domination – Price $22.17


stratego board game



Stratego is a war strategy board game for two players. The game is played on a 10” × 10” square board, with players leading 40 avatars, representing both the army officers. and soldiers. Capturing the opposition’s Flag, or capturing enough enemy pieces that further moves are eliminated, is the objective of the game. The face of each piece is not visible for the other player, which opens the door to disinformation and discovery. These are important facets for players to utilize in their lines of defense. This is also a game that has different adaptations with Halo Universe and others, we were happy to finnd the original board game under $20 dollars here Stratego Original Game Price 9.79




battleship board game



In 1967, Milton Bradley introduced the first Battleship board game, which is a strategy based guessing game for two players. This good board game had a humble beginning back in World War I. Back in that era, it was known simply as a popular pencil and paper game. However, as word of this entertaining game caught on, it was later published by various companies, as a pad and pencil game. The goal was to sink the opponent’s battle ship, which was usually helped by eliminating others. No ships are visible to the opponent, so the pegs match corresponding numbers on the board. As hits are made, they are called as a number and letter. When a ship is sank, it is announced, till one player eventually sinks the other’s battleship and wins. Today this game features many different game baord styles including electronic ones, digital display and many more. The classic one is available for Battleship Game Price 1.991

Board games get us in that nostalgic mood, thinking back to all the fun we once had as kids. The great news is we can still experience that nostalgia, by playing the modern board games. Great games like the top 10 above can be found at the local department or toy store. There are hundreds of other games out there, available to challenge one another, without the hassle of wires and batteries. Men can test their skills with real games that require skills, strategizing and intelligent thought.

Let us know which board game you would recommend?

Author: Eric Pangburn

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