Tommy John Go Anywhere French Terry Sweatshirt Review

Trendy Go Anywhere French Terry Sweatshirt Designed For Comfort On Any Occasion

Though there are a large number of garment suppliers, most of the clothes and especially sweaters available for men in the market are not very comfortable and get creased, crumpled especially while traveling, in hot weather.

To cater to customers who are looking for comfortable clothes which do not get creased, Tom Patterson who was selling medical devices, founded Tommy John, an underwear and clothing company with the help of his wife, a local tailor.



The company has done extensive research to develop exclusive micro modal fabric derived from beech wood trees which is light, soft, absorbs sweat quickly so that the person wearing Tommy John clothes remains cool throughout the day.


Tommy John Go Anywhere French Terry Sweatshirt Review

While exercising, most people are looking for a comfortable and fashionable sweatshirt to keep them cool and the Go Anywhere French Terry Sweatshirt has been designed for those who are looking for quality casual wear that is suitable for 90% of the daily occasions we so often encounter.


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The sweatshirt is available in two different color combinations taking into account the profile of the potential buyers. The darker color combination of black and dress blues is suitable for outdoor activities like gardening, where the sweatshirt is likely to be soiled, while the lighter heather grey and black color combination are ideal for those who are likely to wear the sweatshirt indoors, at home or in the office.

The Go Anywhere French Terry sweatshirt from Tommy John is available in five different sizes S, M, L, XL, and XXL depending on the chest size of the person wearing the sweatshirt. The small S size is suitable for men with chest sizes 34′ to 37′ while the largest size double extra large XXL is designed for heavier men with chest size forty-nine to fifty-two inches. To ensure that the sweatshirt purchased is fitting properly, it is highly recommended that the buyer should consult the size chart available at the website before placing an order online.

The special fabrics ensure that the sweatshirt does not shrink after being washed.

The trendy Go Anywhere French Terry Sweatshirt is made from a special fabric with 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex so that it will stretch easily, without getting damaged, and will remain in shape. The spandex in the fabric also ensures that the sweatshirt will fit well, whatever the body shape of the person wearing the garment.


tommy john sweatshirt review


The silk-like soft fabric blend used in the sweatshirt is lightweight and does not crease easily, making it ideal for travelers who can easily carry the sweatshirt while traveling without adding to the weight of their luggage, without having to iron it before wearing it.

A lot of effort has been taken to ensure that the sweatshirt is well designed and fashionable so that it can be used for all occasions.

The grey and a black sweatshirt with full sleeves is mainly heather grey in color and has a black v neck patch in front. It also has black patches on either side, as many men are resting and wiping their hands on their sides, and this part of the fabric will often become dirty.


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The sweatshirt also has two front pockets at waist level, which I really like, as it allows essential items like keys, snacks, mobile phones to be put away while fueling up for example. Allows me to keep my hands in the pockets when I feel cold, especially during these colder winter months.

Garments made from harder fabrics like denim can chafe the skin causing great pain, especially when the wearer is sweating a lot while running and exercising. So many customers are preferring to purchase and wear sweatshirts from Tommy John because the fabric material is very soft and does not damage the skin in any way.


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The grey sweatshirt also has black elbow patches making it suitable for arm wrestling and any other activity where the elbows are likely to rest on a desk or hard surface. The black patches again ensure that the dirt on the elbow is not easily visible.

Due to the special fabric which has been used, the sweatshirt will dry four to five times faster than cotton, making it ideal for travelers who want their clothes to dry quickly. Most customers who have purchased the Go Anywhere French Terry sweatshirt from Tommy John are extremely satisfied with the quality of the sweatshirt and are likely to purchase more similar sweatshirts in future.


The Tommy John sweatshirt is available online at a highly affordable price of $90 only and free shipping is offered. Discounts are available for first time buyers, teachers and military staff. From personal expereince I can say that this sweater is worth every dollar.

Head over to Tommy John and check out their Go Anywhere Lineup



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