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timber flooring

Different Processes for installation of Timber Flooring


Timber floors are one of the most popular choices for flooring these days as they have more than one benefit. These floorings offer you value for money and it can last for a long time with resurfacing done if required. Besides which, they can be cleaned easily as they do not retain any odors and do not stain or even harbor mites or dust, being free of allergens. Timber floors are also soft to the feet unlike tiles or concrete and lastly, are termed as ‘eco-friendly’ when the timber used is renewable or recycled. Installation of these is done in three different ways. You need to make sure before you choose for a specific installation service for timber flooring the manufacturers are well in the know of these ways.


Installing over Concrete


Solid Oak Flooring



  • The System of Plywood 



Wanting to opt for timber flooring the experts recommend the plywood system where a Tongue & Groove floor is the requirement as this is able to achieve a cushioned effect over the concrete. This proven system which is reliable requires laying over the concrete a moisture barrier and then with the use of tensile fixings of steel, fixing the plywood sheeting of 15mm to the concrete. The floor boards are then glued and secret nailed to this plywood. This offers a height of 34mm for a flooring of 19mm and a height of 29mm for a floor of 14mm. This is a preferred choice for residential purposes as this plywood of solid mass is able to eliminate inhabitation of varmints and is a floor which is quieter to walk on as compared to the hollow Batten System.


timber flooring installations



  • The Batten System 



This system is used for the fixing of a wide board Tongue & Groove flooring using a 70mm x 35mm batten of hardwood over concrete with a moisture barrier. The flooring is then glued and nailed through the top to the battens which gives a finished height of 54mm. A hardwood batten of 19mm can be used to fix and secret nail a Tongue & Groove board of 80mm x 19mm over concrete. This gives a finished height of 38mm. This works out more economical as compared to the plywood system but feels drum my while walking.


American Oak Flooring


  • Direct Glue System


This system used direct gluing of the Tongue & Groove board to the concrete in which the surface of concrete is required to be extremely flat and even. Before you opt for this system, the site needs to be inspected to find out if the surface is apt. In case it is found that the surface is not even, the concrete will need leveling with a special material used for this. Before this method, it is also essential to find out the relative humidity or the moisture content of the concrete, finding this high; it will be required to opt for a liquid moisture barrier. This might be less expensive but can include hidden costs.


Modern mop for cleaning wooden floor from dust


  • Installation over Particle Board


For an installation to be successful it is important that the plywood or the particle board is fastened in a secure manner to the joists which are supporting, below. An experienced supervisor can determine if there are additional fixings required on the sub-floor. Before the installation, it is also essential to make sure that there is sanding done on the sub-floor. It is the entire floor that requires sanding and not only the joists. This ensures the flatness of the floor and also helps remove any contaminants which can affect the adhesion.

With different installation processes for the timber flooring it becomes important you make the right choice in the company for these installation services so that you are not required to pay anything extra for any errors. Making sure that the service company chosen by you can boast of experience and reputation can make all the difference.


Justin Jersey is an australian writer for Airthrustflooring.com.au, here in this blog here is explaining about installation of timber flooring in your home. Hope you like the above mention details.

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