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Like most people, you probably have a bunch of refrigerator magnets taking up most of your fridge door real estate. Chances are these fridge magnets aren’t really all that effective, with a tendency to slip off and fall to the floor if you so much as look at them. Most commercially available fridge magnets can barely hold the lightest of weights, and they serve no practical purpose other than holding up the odd grocery list or your toddler’s latest finger painting opus.

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If you are tired of having to pick up your fridge magnets off the floor and are looking for something with a lot more grip and sticking power, SuperMags Fridge Magnets are well worth looking into.


Produced by the innovative Canadian startup Trintec Industries, SuperMags Fridge Magnets goes well beyond the typical fridge magnets you can buy at the home depot or stationery store by working as fridge magnets are intended to. These magnets actually stick to the surface of your fridge door, and their superior grip is a primary part of their appeal. While most other fridge magnets available on the market can barely hold up a thin piece paper, SuperMags Fridge Magnets can hold up as many as 16 sheets with a total weight of 5.7 pounds.


Traditional map pins serve as the design inspiration for SuperMags Fridge Magnets, although these powerful magnets are about twice as large. While the thought of having several of these oversized magnets dotting your fridge door might cause you to question their practicality, the good news is that they are designed for style as much as they are designed for function. SuperMags Fridge Magnets are really quite attractive, and they will perfectly complement most any fridge color and design.


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Admittedly, the sheer grip and sticking power of SuperMags Fridge Magnets and their large size may seem a bit of overkill for typical kitchen use. However, when you consider that they can be used for a wide variety of applications in and around the kitchen, their usefulness comes to the fore. Normally, you would need three or more regular fridge magnets to hold up a single sheet of paper. However, even just a single SuperMag will be sufficient to hold up a sheaf of papers or a wad of bills. In fact, SuperMags are strong enough to hold even bulky and heavy items that you wouldn’t normally think to hang from your fridge door or the side of your oven. Hang your bottle or can openers and even common household tools within easy reach, and you will begin to appreciate the sheer usefulness and versatility of SuperMags Fridge Magnets.


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SuperMags Fridge Magnets are available in either brass or aluminum, with both designs providing ruggedness and durability well beyond the capability of your typical fridge magnets. The brass designs are particularly attractive, developing the pleasing patina of a quality piece of brass over time.


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SuperMags Fridge Magnets are available at a very reasonable price of $14 via Trintec’s Kickstarter campaign. With the company having already surpassed its funding target of $2000 twice over, the first batch of SuperMags Fridge Magnets is set to be shipped in the very near future.


Author: Eric Pangburn

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