The Top Popper – Story about a dad that created a product with his son

the top popper


The Top Popper, Created by Mike Fleck


Mike Fleck is a dad and full time self-employed real estate professional. If he can bring a product from idea to market, anyone can! Mike has always had the entrepreneurial spirit that’s why most people weren’t surprised when he can up with Top Popper.

Some people told Mike he was genius and some people blew it off because he has a million ideas all the time. This one was special and he immediately knew he was going to take this product to production. The idea for the Top Popper came to Mike because his kids like to drink Gatorade and juice on the go and often times more drink wound up on the counter, floor, or his car seats than in their mouths.


spill proof bottle caps


He wanted a solution! The kids drank these drinkable yogurts with tin foil tops and with this type of drink you could easily punch the straw through the tinfoil, leaving most of the tin foil in place.


bottle cap maker


Mike thought, there has to be a tool out there to punch a hole in the hard plastic caps, so you can make a spill proof bottle with Gatorade and juice. He searched and searched and there was nothing out there. At this point it was time to start doing what every guy does when there’s something to fix, playing in the garage of course! He played quite a bit in the garage but couldn’t quite come up with something that would easily punch the perfect hole. Finally, Mike hired an engineer with some product development experience. Ultimately, that engineers design would not work right……


bottle cap popper


He then hired an awesome engineer from Atlanta that had great ideas and feedback. This engineer came up with a prototype that was a great start. After 6 months of back and forth and making new prototypes, we have the Top Popper!


the popper


Mike learned a lot in the process of developing the Top Popper. This is the first invention that he has taken all the way to the market and he will definitely be doing more, once this company is stabilized. The fact that you can 3D print almost anything now, brings us into a wonderful new era for creators. You can make a prototype in a cost effective way and very quickly. The whole process of bringing a product to market through Kickstarter is exhausting, especially if you are like Mike and working full time and have a family. It has been a lot of fun at the same time!

Mike’s recommendation to anyone out there who has an idea is to start working on it now and before you know it you will be taking it to market!

Mike’s best advice is “don’t wait,” start on the project today.

If there is something you don’t know how to do, find help. You can always find affordable help by outsourcing parts of projects. If you think this product is cool check it out and support the Kickstarter Campaign at Popper Top Kickstarter.


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