Man Cave Mastery – Creating the Perfect Living Space

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Effective tips for creating the perfect man cave

The concept of the man-cave may be a relatively recent development, but it does have its roots in the actual caves of yore. Back in the stone ages, entire families huddled together in caves to weather the elements and to avoid the numerous predators that were always looking for a quick meal. While most of us no longer have to worry about seeking shelter from the storm or staying out of sight of tigers and/or bears, we do have to consider the design and execution of our man-caves. Serving as sanctuaries of sorts in the modern-day jungle that many of us now find ourselves in, the perfect man-cave is a virtual oasis where we can kick back and just bask in our manhood. Here are some tips on how you can achieve total man-cave perfection.

1. Focus The Room Around The Television

man cave tv big screen

The Television is the centerpiece of any man cave worth its salt.

Don’t even think about it: run down to the appliance emporium and get yourself a big ’ole TV.

Better still, get a television online, you will save more as the tvs in the stores are usually marked up a bit. Check out the bewildering array of TVs available on the market today. It’s amazing how much bang you can get for your buck nowadays, and features such as digital connection, HD, smart tvs and multiple compatibility are pretty much standard. Make sure you do your research and choose a reliable model. After you have done your research, simply set your price point and go!

2. Surround Sound – Boom the bass

suround sound for man cave

 Whether it be for music, movie surround sound or just a great gaming experience a good audio system is essential.

Perhaps the next most important thing to a TV is a good sound system. As with your TV purchase, you definitely won’t want to skimp on the quality of your audio system. With a proper sound system, you’ll be prepared for anything, be it music, movies, video games, multimedia content and more. Not to mention the theater sound quality you can get at home.


3. Have An Alternative Game Plan

game room for guys


Have some alternative entertainment for times when there’s nothing on TV to watch.

With all the focus on technology, it’s easy to forget that there are a lot of other ways to improve your man-cave apart from just stocking it full of the latest whiz-bang gadgetry. A ping-pong or pool table is great fun, and if you want to go retro, you could always install a fooseball tabe, have a super nintendo station, Darts, card tables, some cool bard games are also a great way to get your game on without having to plug in.


4. Get Out Your Nerd Swag

hobby room for guys


Post up and set out your favorite stuff no matter how nerdy.

Let’s face it: men are geeks at heart, and almost all of us have some long-term passion that borders on the decidedly geeky. Whether it is baseball cards, vintage sports cars, or even just the man-cave itself, there is bound to be something that all men obsess over. Why not make your man-cave a tribute to your passion? Whether its hanging posters or going all out sci-fi décor, you can make your man-cave a place where you can be free to revel in your geekiness undisturbed.


5. Show Off your Team Spirit


sports fan room

Get out your team flair and support your team!

Of course, sports is always a good source of inspiration for man-cave design. You can make your man-cave a tribute to your favorite sport, design it in your favorite team’s colors, or even make it shrine to your favorite athlete. Okay, that last one might just be borderline creepy, but there are way worse things than going a little overboard with your sports obsession.

6. Make a man-cave worthy bar


keg bar stool man cave


From stock to set up a well designed bar will take your man cave to the next level.

The fact that you have a man-cave means you are ready to move up a rung or two in the ladder of sophistication, so you should have a proper bar. This means a fridge/freezer nearby (preferably in the same room), a well-stocked liquor cabinet, a cool bar and stool set, and a good set of bar accessories. You may also want to invest in a varied set of beer taps, beer, wine and cocktail glasses.


7. Prepare for the munchies


amazing grilled cheese sandwich recipe


Nip hunger in the bud with some tasty snacks.

Make sure to have some snacks handy. You don’t necessarily want to turn your man-cave into a man-pantry, but you do want to keep a decent selection around for when company suddenly turns up. Nuts, chips, and pretzels are always good to have around, a quick grilled cheese sandwich is always welcome. Don’t leave them sitting out uncovered. Bowls of stale pretzels and dusty old nuts don’t make for a good vibe, so clear out any bowls that have been hanging around for too long.


8. Keep The Fridge Stocked


around the world beer basket

Don’t run out of beverages!

Depending on how much use you get out of your man-cave, you might find a fridge to be a worthy investment. Even a small fridge can be amazingly useful, allowing you to keep food and drinks cold and within easy reach.


9. The Throne Room


man cave urinal


Make sure your man cave restroom is set up and comfortable.

Making sure your cleanliness and hygiene concerns are handled could be as simple as installing a small sink or having a full-blown toilet and bath built in. In any case, you will want to make sure that your facilities are as comfortable and as accommodating as possible, and that it enables you to get a good wash at the very least.


10. Comfort Is The Name of The Game


best quotes to live by

Maximize comfort in all aspects of your man cave.

We all want our man-caves to look as cool and stylish as possible, but don’t neglect your comfort as well. Remember that your man-cave is your own special place where you can take a break from the cares of the real world, so it is always good to make sure that you can do so in utmost comfort.


11. Don’t Skimp on the Couch


football themed man cave


The couch is key so choose wisely and well.

After your home entertainment system, the biggest expenditure will likely be the furniture. You will especially want to invest in a good couch, so choose the best model in your price range. A good couch can be costly, but it will definitely pay for itself many times over in the long run if you invest wisely.



Author: Eric Pangburn

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