The New Lamborghini SUV coming to you in 2018

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You’ll Be Saving Your Pennies Once You See Lamborghini’s New Vehicle

After many years of establishing themselves as legendary experts in car-making, Lamborghini has officially confirmed that they will launch their new, sleek, modern SUV. Shown in a narrow design with a hot rod red that would even make Tony Stark giggle, this vehicle was designed to bring practicality while still looking incredibly hip in today’s world. The original plans for this vehicle began back in 2012 but was pushed back due to issues with the global economy and Italian government.


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This new beast will be constructed at Lamborghini’s home in Sant’Agata Bolgenese, and has even caused the company to nearly double their factory’s size in preparation. New facilities will also be built alongside the vehicle to accommodate the project. It’s no doubt the company wants their product to be very successful.

The new SUV will be crafted from more light carbon fiber in place of some aluminum and metal to increase performance. The only rivals to this design choice would be Aston Martin’s upcoming SUV as well as the Maserati Levante and the Porsche Cayenne. All excellent choices from established SUV makers, but Lamborghini is pushing hard.


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Lamborghini intends to make this their cheapest model yet, and it’s shaping up to also be their most popular. They expect the SUV to at least double their sales from 2,530 vehicles sold last year to around 3,000. The target markets for this will be the U.S., Middle East, and China.

While this won’t be Lamborghini’s first model (the LM002 taking that title) it will certainly be the more memorable one, as it shapes up to be an intense contender in the SUV market. If I were an automaker, I’d be shaking right about now.



Author: Eric Pangburn

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