The New Honda CB Series – For Your Butt



Honda’s new CB series motorcycles could change your butt forever. Or that’s what their new ad campaign would have you believe. Most butts live pretty predictable existences. But how would you like to change the life of your butt forever, all the while making it more attractive to the opposite sex? It might seem like the easy way out, but a Honda CB motorcycle is just what the doctor ordered. And you won’t even have to drag your butt to the gym to achieve it.


The Honda CBR300R and CB300F are the latest models in Honda’s great tradition of CB motorcycles. They’ve got better mileage than a hybrid car. And they’re cheaper than a celebrity’s bar tab, starting at $3999. They’re the way to make your sit-biscuit’s commute a whole lot less…commutey. And you can drive it just about anywhere else you want.


Whether or not you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle before, a Honda CB may be just the right thing for you. They’re a price most people can afford, much lower than any new car, and most used ones. Honda will even help facilitate your education and licensing to ride a motorcycle. Just pop over to and you’ll see everything you’ll need to learn to drive a motorcycle, and to do so legally. So get your butt on over there, and they’ll get your butt on a new Honda motorcycle before you know what hit you. Your butt will feel like it’s moving up in the world. And it will be. A Honda CB series motorcycle will change your butt’s life forever. Your butt will thank you.



Author: Ibropalic

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