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Stylish Reusable Lunch Bag


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Lunch is one of those sacred times of the day where you get to unplug from meetings and co-workers for awhile. For some it means hitting up a fast food joint or unpacking that cheese sandwich leftovers from a dull brown paper bag or pathetic looking plastic bag. For the more mature and manly who want to spice up their lunchtime routine, it means digging into the meal they packed in their trendy and cool manly lunch tote.

Most people opt to pack their lunches in a brown paper bag or plastic bag, but rarely are those bags reusable or professional looking. So this great idea has been created on Etsy. Creating the ultimate manly lunch bag.


lunch bag for guys


This manly lunch bag, available in caramel brown or mushroom brown, is the gear that men have been waiting for. It’s a bag that even the manliest of men will appreciate and look forward to taking to work each day. The waxed leather bag is a true work of art in and of itself and is sure to garner attention and jealousy from co-workers. An added benefit is that owning a bag this sophisticated would surely inspire any man to eat healthier and spend less time visiting fast food restaurants.

Not only is it manly and professional looking in appearance, but these reusable bags are a durable and cost-effective alternative to the more juvenile brown and plastic lunch bags. They’re made to order with water resistant waxed canvas and close up with a Horween leather strap, held down by solid copper rivets.

The waxed canvas is 100% cotton and treated with a wax formula to make it waterproof. The result is a beautifully strong and sturdy fabric that will age like leather. All of the little marks will highlight the uniqueness of each bag.

Gone are the days of packing your lunch in cheap and cheesy looking bags. These unique lunch totes are handmade in Omaha, Nebraska and are sure to be the talk of the office.

Caring for the bag is simple – just wipe clean with a damp cloth. The dimensions are: 9” high, folded (13” unfolded), 7” wide, 4.5” deep.
So say good-bye to the cheap looking brown bags and sayonara to those awful plastic bags. It’s time to man up and buy yourself a more professional, cost effective and reusable lunch bag. All you have to do is pick your color and order now!

Author: Eric Pangburn

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