The Evolution of the Track Suit

The Track Suit has Evolved

evolution of the track suit

For far too long, dapper dress has had a well-deserved stigma of discomfort attached to it. “Loosening one’s tie” as a reference to chilling out, “tightening one’s belt” as an expression of frugality… in a way, or etymology almost discourages us from dressing nicely.

But what if there was a way to defy these negative connotations of fancy dress, a means of transcending the very concept of formality? What if there were a suit tailored for both your broad shoulders and active lifestyle?

Well my friend, you can stop your journey here. This is the day you will always remember as the day you became acquainted with the Traxedo.

Whether you’re trying to make a statement at prom, look dapper while keeping your cool at your best friend’s wedding or you’re a secret agent who came to the realization tuxedos don’t necessarily make the best performance wear, the traxedo is truly the answer to the prayers you didn’t realize you were praying until this very moment.


Track Suit that is also a Tuxedo


Invented in 2012 by Ireland’s John Hughes (with the help of some friends), the traxedo is certainly a one-of-a-kind garment. Wearing one, we’d imagine, has to be quite the transcendental experience.


With an elastic waistband and a spectrum of sizes that can fit your ring bearer all the way to your 6’5, 350 lb. Uncle Bill, the traxedo hardly bears the exclusivity of those swanky tailored Italian suits all of your loser friends are probably going to be wearing.

It’s a uniform of the people—a statement that you, the coolest man in the room—can see past the fickle arms race of who can be most comfortable in a funny t shirt.

You want to be able to move. You want to be comfortable. And most importantly of all, you want to be a topic of discussion. Other than spilling wine on the bride, we couldn’t think of any better way to stand out.

Traxedos For Special Events

Of course, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. On a day of heavy merry-making, it’s only fitting that you and your friends see it out dressed to party hard. Luckily, they have a suit for that.


st pattys day outfit


The Irish stands out more boldly than the emerald isle, its bright hues perfect for making you the life of whatever Blarney Stone Pub you may find yourself in on the greatest of drinking holidays. Tailored with the same care as the rest of the series, The Irish is an exceptional avenue toward showing off your national pride, even if you aren’t Irish.

Of course, variety is the fruit of life, which is why traxedos now come in an assortment of different colors and styles. cool dude in a track tuxedoWhile this has some obvious benefits, we think this would be most beneficiary for high schoolers. For many young men, prom is a rite of passage, a night of awkwardness and vodka snuck into the dance in water bottles. The lead-up is an insane barrage of preparation, both in helping your date find the right dress, buying flowers and, of course, making sure you look like a couple when walking in the door.

With a colored traxedo, you can not only match your date, but be extremely comfortable doing it. While everyone is sweltering in their rented tuxes, sweated in by many young men before them, you’ll be feeling and looking fresh while tearing up the dance floor in your highly-mobile attire. Who knows, you might even leave with two dates on your arm—every young woman in the house floored by your sheer audacity and good taste.

For many people, making a statement means quite a lot. A traxedo might be your wedge in the opening door of opportunity you didn’t know you were lacking until you first set eyes on it. With both a unique look and a level of comfort nobody dressed to the nines would be able to copy, the traxedo may be the key to hard-partying success you’ve been missing out on your entire life. You get one one on their website


Author: Eric Pangburn

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