The Coolest Cooler Around This Summer

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When a cooler raises $13.3 million in a Kickstarter campaign, you start to wonder. What’s so special about this cooler?

The Coolest cooler is a far cry from the standard ice chest we are all used to. Does it keep all our beverages ice cold? Oh yes, it definitely does and so much more. You can even keep your perishables in there and be rest assured that they won’t spoil.

Craving for frozen drinks?

Quickly make a cocktail with the Coolest’ 18v battery powered blender. A single charge can make up to 6 gallons of frozen juice. The blender can be access without letting warm air into the side were the beverages and other items are being cooled thanks to its split lid design. This is a blender and mixer in one neat package. And it’s rechargeable, too.

The 18v battery powered blender can also be used as a USB charger. There’s no need to worry that your phones, cameras and other gadgets will ever run out of power. And did I mention it being waterproof, too? Yes, it is.


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As the COOLEST is usually used for outdoor events, the unbreakable LED light is very handy to have. No more worries about being in the dark even if you plan to stay out from dusk to dawn.

Now all-nighters can be very boring without music. It’s a good thing that a removable waterproof Bluetooth speaker was incorporated into the cooler. You can happily play DJ on your phone or other Bluetooth-enable music device while drinking ice cold beer.

The Coolest even have space to store at least 6 reusable plastic plates. The cooler also comes with a ceramic paring knife while the split lid also doubles as a cutting board. It also has bottle opener stashed inside.


coolest cooler for guys


One of the best things about the Coolest Cooler is that it’s very easy to carry. In fact you don’t even have to thanks to its extra wide rolling tires. Its gear tie-downs allow you to carry other stuff on top of the cooler. It saves you the trip and from your vehicle.

You’re probably thinking, with that much stacked into one cooler, won’t it be too bulky?

Not really. Everything was integrated into the frame so nothing sticks out on the sides.

ryan grepper coolest cooler dude livingRyan Grepper, the man behind Coolest Cooler has been working hard to make sure that the Coolest live up to its name. With its improved design, the Coolest was able to get backers during the Kickstarter campaign. The fact that the campaign was launched during summer also helped it become a success. Today, production is already underway and the Coolest will start shipping again by July 2015.

Now you know why a cooler was able to get 60,000 people to contribute $13.3 million in 52 days. With this “portable party”, who wouldn’t? Check them out over at

Author: Eric Pangburn

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