Telephone to VR; How Technology is Changing the Way We Communicate

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It’s amazing how the exponential growth in technology over the past couple decades has vastly changed the way we communicate with each other. Many years ago we found ourselves using rotary telephones to call our friends and family. Before you think that was back in the dark ages, consider that the earliest millennials were around when these phones were still in use. Shortly after we found the advent of touch tone phones, and then cordless phones as well. I suppose cordless phones were a sort of foreshadowing of our want to be mobile while we communicate.  Eventually, phone companies like AT&T began rolling out primitive video phones in all of their stores. Interestingly enough, these phones really never caught on with the masses. Most likely due to the high cost of acquisition and that fact that both parties talking with each other had to have the same device. Yet, it still was a preclude into how we communicate all of these years later. Consider that today we never leave home without our mobile phones. Even the term “mobile” phone shows that this sort of disruptive innovation was years in the making. We even have the ease and use of video chatting with our friends on the go, and for a much lower price than we were able to years ago. Even if you are in the USA, you can easily make cheap calls to Australia or cheap calls to Canada just by having an international plan and enough available minutes.


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Fast forward to present day and we are seeing additional innovations being made all the time. While virtual technology is nothing new, the way we are starting to use it is. Virtual reality has long been considered another revolution in online gaming.



While gaming has certainly been the primary use, it is not the only one. Consider that you can sit in the living room of your home, and your friend can be in their living room at home, yet the two of you can enjoy watching a football game together despite being hundreds or even thousands of miles apart. You are no longer simply calling, chatting, or looking at your friend, you are now “hanging” out with them all thanks to the power of virtual reality. Virtual reality will evolve communication in a similar disruptive manner that mobile phones did.

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