Is Technology Going to Change Our Sex Lives?

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High-tech sex toys, virtual reality and sex apps, it’s looking more and more like technology may become the future of sex.

The topic of sex machines (or sex technology) is not a new concept. Science fiction mag New Worlds ran an article by sci-fi author Charles Platt that suggested the future of human sex would be augmented or controlled by machines.

He explained these devices as ‘labour-saving’ and described them as machines that would be able to replicate the motions of sex. Platt was describing what would later be dubbed ‘teledildonics and his vision of ‘future sex’ is turning out to have an uncanny truth to it. Look at the market, where there is already a wide variety of sex toys available, including everything from dildos to sex suits and even sex robots.

Yes, there is such a thing as a sex robot, but they aren’t very accessible, costing more than many new cars. Generally, when we speak of teledildonic sex toys, we’re referring to remote controlled dildos, vibrators and toys like automated fleshlights.  It’s a sexual world out there and technology is keeping pace.

It’s all about the connection

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Teledildonic sex toys are now available for consumers and their adoption is on the rise.  Initially marketed to couples in long-distance relationships, these devices are catching on, riding the wave created by virtual reality porn.

For couples, a romantic connection can be created, using remote-controlled sex toys to provide ‘real-time’ sensations.  These toys communicate with each other (device to device) through Bluetooth or WiFi connections and can also be controlled via encoded video and the like.

Combining these with a webcam or Skype video chat has created a way to connect no matter the distance.  Lots of couples have reported that the technology helped save their relationship when they were forced to separate for an extended period of time.

Virtual dating gathering momentum

Another aspect of technology changing sex is through its influence on modern dating.  Social media or online dating apps have revolutionized the way many people date, and the trend has really caught on.

We now also have the ability to connect digitally with anyone, anywhere in the world, meaning finding a partner has truly transcended all location boundaries.  There are of course some obvious remaining setbacks with this type of long-distance dating, namely the problem of the physical connection.

So, unless one of you is willing to move or continually travel, spending time with each other still poses a bit of a problem.  However, technology can now help alleviate this issue by providing that connection via ‘virtual reality.  VR Apps such as AltspaceVR or ConVRge offer users a virtual space to play games, watch YouTube or just hang out together.   Creating a custom avatar and meeting up in virtual is easy.

Reviews have been mixed but it seems VR dating is always good for at least a laugh, which can be very important.  As the capability of VR continues to grow, spending time with someone in a virtual space is becoming more and more popular. It is definitely possible to make meaningful connections and foster a relationship this way, even if it’s a bit unorthodox.

Technology gets physical

love robotsIf you and your partner are ready to get ‘physical, even from a distance, then considering the growing selection of teledildonic sex toys will be your next step.

Currently, there are a handful of front-running companies in the market, such as Lovense, Kiiroo, Vorze or Hot Octopuss among others. Each company makes teledildonics for both men and women that provide an interactive sexual experience. Having sex that’s way above phone or Skype sex is now possible with anyone, anywhere.

Imagine your engaged in a long-distance relationship with your special someone. Talking on the phone or texting just isn’t cutting so you’ve gone out and each got your own interactive sex toy that can respond to sensations initiated by the other. You can now have a ‘sort’ of sexual connection again. No more relying on verbal cues to know what your partner is up to, you can feel it in real time through your interactive sex toy. Maybe it takes some getting used to but it’s really a great advancement if you think about it. Finally, a technology that brings us closer together instead of driving us apart.

There’s another aspect driving the teledildonics market as well, which is virtual reality porn. People like porn, there’s no denying it. The emergence of incredibly immersive VR porn has caused quite the stir and now interactive sex toys are poised to do the same.

These toys can sync with the VR porn on screen through encoded video, offering a seamless, pleasure-filled experience. Grab your favorite toy and fire up some erotic adult content from a VR porn website like, and prepare to have your mind blown. There’s loads of interest from the market and it’s driving product innovation like never before.

Have better sex

There’s another aspect to sex and technology that hasn’t been talked about much yet. It’s now possible to analyze, track and then optimize the way we have sex. Just as we can track the number of steps we take in a day, calories we burn or even something as simple as our heart rate – we can now track many aspects of our sex lives.

Clever algorithms take the information our bodies send out and turn that into a rating on pleasure so we know what turns us on the most. Apps let us control settings on sex toys, preprogram routines or even adjust what happens on screen in VR sex apps or pornographic videos.  There’s even a digital condom that gives men feedback about their performance.

Crazy right?

It’s all coming on fast and strong, so feeling unsure or overwhelmed is not uncommon. It’s best to go with the flow and see where these advancements take us.  Technology can help us learn more about ourselves and how we connect, but will it bring about a machine-oriented sexual revolution?  Sex and technology are already closely linked, thanks in large part to the Internet, but only time will tell how intertwined the two really become.

As they say, “variety is the spice of life”, so even if it’s not your cup of tea, sex tech is growing and it’s here to stay.

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