The Coolest Survival Kit Available – Zombie Apocalypse

zombie survival kit

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

The world is getting ready for the zombie apocalypse, and no… that isn’t a joke. Zombie movies have long been a favorite amongst horror genre fans, but things seem to be moving towards that direction, as even some insurance companies now offer policies for such an occurrence. Mind you, it might be a bit difficult to collect from such a policy. Preparation will be the key to survival, when it comes to pass. While the popular series, “Walking Dead”, seems to be zombie survival training 101, we will still need a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit to make it through.

What, pray tells is a Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit?

Gerber has put together a package of tools that can help ensure our survival, if, or when, zombies start to walk the earth in search of some much, needed living human nutrients. There are a few different kits available. Some contain simple tools, like a SOG Fasthawk Tactical Tomahawk, a tiny tool kit and some jerky to eat on the go. Others, like the Gerber Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit, contain some top notch items to get us through whatever rough spots are encountered.


zombie appocalypse survival kit

Gerber 30-000601 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit

Gerber’s kit contains a Camp Axe II, Gator Machete, Gator Machete Pro, Parang Machete, DMF Folding Tanto Blade Knife, LMF II Infantry Fix Blade Knife, and a convenient, and durable, reinforced stitch, canvas carrying case. Each blade has been forged from high carbon stainless steel, and is backed by a lifetime warranty The average retail price for this collection is approximately, $349.00, but at Amazon, it is available for $319.27.

Mid Length Blades are Great Tools of the Zombie Killing Trade


zombie survival gear

The Gator and Parang Machetes, which each serve a different purpose. The Gator Pro offers users an aggressive style of defense with a multipurpose blade, which can be used like an axe, knife or machete. The Gator also has both a serrated and a fine edge, for cutting or chopping. The Parang is angled steel, modeled closely to resemble the traditional jungles style machete. Each of these blades has been forged from high quality, high carbon, stainless steel, to ensure purpose and safety standards.

Get Pro with Infantry Knives, and Other Zombie Eliminating Blades


zombie survival knife


There will be three, top of the line knife style blades . The Epic sports is a titanium nitrate coated blade in a compact design. The LMF II Infantry can make an excellent spear head with its 10” blade, just by lashing the preset holes onto a sturdy stick. The DMF Folder has a folding Tanto blade, and is safe for everyday use. The Epic sports is low profile, with a titanium nitrate coated blade, and even includes a built in bottle opener.

Single-Hand Camp II Axe


zombie killing axe

What kid would be complete without an all-purpose hand axe? Not one that we would authorize. We include a forged steel axe head, which features glass filled nylon handle. It fits securely in a customized plastic sheath.

Canvas Carrying Case


zombie survial mobile gear

For the survivors convenience, this  Zombie Apocalypse Survivor Kit will be wrapped in a canvas carrying bag. The bag itself has reinforced stitching for easy transport. The case was specially designed with unique stud buttons, which keep the case rolled up, for compact ability and ease of transport.  Future zombie slayers, will deem the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit, to be well worth the $319.27. The lives saved will easily make the purchase, one of the best purchases that a zombie enthusiast could ever make.



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