The Specifics of DudeLiving Support

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The Specifics of DudeLiving Support


Like any other business, we appreciate our advertisers and the qualities they stand for. However, we also maintain a flow of potential candidates for advertising. Because of this, it is important to be honest regarding acceptable and inacceptable vendor ad behavior.


Vendor Ad Elimination Conduct


There are some things that can instantly cause some to have disdain for a web site. For instance, if navigation is tedious or difficult to discern, users normally do not last long. There are specific issues that can cause a screen to freeze or lag. We choose to avoid as many of those annoyances as possible.

Here are two of the more non preferable vendor ad styles, in the humble opinion of DudeLiving:

  1.  Blinking advertisements are just not beneficial to the page, as they can cause lag or screen freezing.
  2.  Possibly the most annoying is the “pop up information window”, which asks for some personal bit of information from email to phone number.

For the convenience and privacy of our readers, we try to run DudeLiving a little different, and avoid these types of revenues. Both sites look clean, with minimal vendor advertising. Pop up information windows and blink ads will not be something our subscribers have to endure.


Interested in Supporting?


Those that enjoy the flow of men’s quality products, furniture, gear, gadgets, men’s fashion and style expertise provided by Dudeliving, that would like to show support, may do so in two ways:

Our answer was to incorporate top of the line gear for our readers, that we ourselves have vigorously tested, and reviewed as reliable. Cheaply made China Mart supplies will not be sold or promoted on our site. Why?


That type of gear is not in our personal kits, and we only sell our readers what we, ourselves will use. If we cannot stand by the products and be confident in their functionality, we cannot, in good conscience, sell them.


Secondly, Purchase gear from Amazon via the varying links located on the sites. We have done our best to make the process user friendly by providing direct links within the review itself. Interest in a particular piece of gear, simply click and go. Any purchase made from our sites will provide us with a small, but honest percentage. We find this preferable to having multiple popup windows and ads flashing all around the each page.

Each time someone purchases gear from our site, whom we hope will gain trust as reliable, it supports our sites. Purchasers receive high quality goods, with a physically proven track record, and we gratefully get support in the process. We at DudeLiving would appreciate readers considering guys gear purchases from one of the two links below, now, or anytime in the future.


Click Here: DudeLiving on Amazon to Support DudeLiving by Buying at

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We appreciate the help and support of our loyal subscribers,