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stuff guys like april 2015


It’s A Wrap – Dude living brings you some of the best of this weeks that we have found.  If we missed anyone or anything noteworthy please make sure to hit us up on Twitter and let us know. Enjoy!


roll top backpack mens purse
Spring Rolltop Release, “In time for Spring Break or a Spring hike, we’ve restocked our Archival Roll Top in waxed twill and canvas duck. Slightly larger than our Rucksack, the Roll Top is great for students, bicyclists, motorcyclists and anyone else who regularly faces the elements.” via




stylish people habitsTen Habits of Highly Stylish People, “Have you ever noticed the way some guys are able to look better in jeans and a T-shirt than others do in a suit?  Everything about their look seems comfortable, confident, nonchalant yet deliberate at the same time.” via


mens store


The Ideal Menswear Store, “What would be the ideal menswear store? The editors of Apparel Artsthought they knew. In 1936, they published “Permanent Modern,” a fourteen-page article introducing their vision of modern menswear retailing.” via





cabana shirtThe New Wave of Cabana Shirts, “The season of Cabana shirts — also known as Cuban collar shirts, which call to mind mojitos and cigars, and are often emblazoned with kitschy symbols of tropical vacations (palm trees, flamingos, hibiscuses) — has arrived. This summer ushers in a more urbane approach to the classic warm-weather staple: quieter prints and subtler colors that could have been worn by the hip wandering youth in Jim Jarmusch’s 1980 gritty New York film “Permanent Vacation” instead of by a tourist on a beach holiday.” via




Viking Mythology: Lessons from Thor, the God of Thunder, “Thor — Giant-Slayer and God of Thunder — is the most well-known Norse god in our modern world. The Marvel comic books and films have of course spurred his fame, but they’ve also hampered our understanding of the Thor that Viking people worshiped and revered and looked to for protection. For one thing, rather than the flaxen-haired, neatly-groomed Marvel version, Thor was a red-haired, long-bearded half-giant.” via


nesting tables


The Nesting “CONTOUR” side Tables by Bowers NYC, “In 2013, friends Danny Giannella and Tammer Hijazi co-founded Bower studio. The two formed the business to design objects inspired by emotions triggered by art, music, nature, and most prominently, the city of New York.” via



most anticipated albums april 2015Spring/Summer 2015’s Most Anticipated Albums,  “It’s only April, and 2015 has already seen some of music’s hottest acts drop new albums: proto-riot girls Sleater-Kinney returned to the fray with one of rock’s most anticipated records, No Cities to Love; Bjork unleashed her post-breakup masterpiece, Vulnicura; and indie darling Courtney Barnett racked up the accolades with Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit.” via


toys 1980s1980’s Favored Toys and Their Effect on Now Grown Boys, “There were a lot of great toys in the 1980s, and ironically, what we played with then, can somewhat effect what we are now, or at least give us anther perk in a way. Now that does not mean if we played with toy firemen, we grew up to be a fireman. It is not quite that simple. Consider this to be more like someone who generally liked to solve a puzzle, now finds a way to still do that in their adult life. A man, who led an active lifestyle as a child, might still enjoy an active life as an adult.” Dude Living



bar drink ideas20 Essential Bar Terms Every Guy Should Know, ““Shaken, not stirred.” It’s the motto of the classic Bond (that’s James Bond) martini, but why shaken over stirred? You’ve looked over countless drink menus, but stick with the usual because it’s the only one you know. We don’t blame you. Drink menus are riddled with countless terms that are confusing and ordering often feels like a shot in the dark. Even when you do find a drink interesting enough to try, it’s based solely on the name (boulevardier, anyone?). Allow us to make your drink ventures a little more attainable. We’ve compiled a list of the more common bar terms so that the next time you come across a drink menu, you can order with confidence.” via

best app for men

100 Powerful Quotes about Strength and Being Strong During Hard Times, “In life, we all go through hard times, times where are strength and fortitude are tried and tested. These tough times can come in many forms: going through a divorce or breakup, losing a loved one, financial hardship, job loss or struggling to overcome a life challenge or obstacle.” via





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