Spoiler Alert: Here’s How ‘THE ROCK’ Keep His Face, Looking Young! [ Hint: You Can Do It Too ]

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In today’s world, where men and women stand together, they judge each other according to the same criteria.

They want the same standards for each other. Beauty and health care are not confined to women only; men are just as much required to look handsome, charming and clean.

For such reasons, there are, if not more, than the equal number of beauty products available in the market for men.

Therefore, men are fairly interested in those products to meet the newly set ideas. To make their lives easy and get their hands on a valuable catch, we are giving them an opportunity to know about the skin care routine of the officially titled ‘the sexiest man alive’ who seems to do pure justice with the earned title.

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Moving on,

We are also certain about you guys figuring about who the sexiest man alive is until now, if obviously, you haven’t been living under a rock, oh! Ignore the irony.

Who is the charmer?

We’ve been talking about the ever so famous Dwayne Johnson also known as ‘The Rock’ who also happens to be extremely handsome with a drool worthy body.

Specifically, men have been following the man since his introduction in the Hollywood industry, because he totally deserves to be thoroughly worshiped.

He has a perfectly shaped body of a Greek God that has been able to turn heads every time he is seen in public or his picture of worth millions of dollars is released.

But the question of the moment is, has anyone even paid attention to his equally attractive and desirable face? Exactly! I know what you’re thinking, how can a man be this perfect on the face of the earth? I mean, nothing is meant to be perfect in this world, maybe he is an example, a specimen from heaven for us.

So this article brings you with the most authentic yet beneficial information that can get you that flawless, smooth skin to attract the beauties.

Boys, pay full attention to what we are bringing to you is as follows:

  • The top secret behind Dwayne’s immaculate and polished skin.
  • Skin care routine narrated by the good-looker himself.
  • The price and where to buy the products.
  • Additional goodies to complete the package for your skin.

The legendary routine

Twitter helped in providing the platform yet again for answering the question of the millions when a girl finally acquired the courage to ask the American actor about his skin care routine, surprisingly to which he replied shortly after with an answer we all have been waiting for.

His answer was shocking in the sense that he, despite his luxury lifestyle bought by his hard-earned money, he uses simple products.

Well, some simple products out of his whole selection, the remaining are of high quality, expensive branded goods. He has every right to buy those, who else would? Here’s what he had to say:

As stated in the picture, his skin protection routine does not comprise of a whole stock of a branded shop which was expected; because his skin looks that pure and absolutely unblemished.

The first rebel thought that popped in our brain was, there has to be something else. There should be some kind of secret product only available for celebrities to make them this beautifully presentable.

But we must believe the wrestler due to his public display of sociability and unfeigned honesty. Therefore, the products in question are:

  • Neutrogena deep clean cream cleanser: Neutrogena is a well-known company that produces different kinds of products for skin care and protection, hair care and cosmetics. They are dermatologist recommended and tested. One of their highest selling products of skin care is Neutrogena deep cream cleanser which is famous for its clarifying abilities.
  • It has beta hydroxy acid to which it owes the ability to penetrate the pores to clean and give a spotless, bright and fairer skin.
  • It removes dirt, excessive oil and make-up in a swift motion.
  • It gives smooth, flawless skin due to its action on dead skin cells which are instantly removed in the first wash.
  • It leaves the skin feeling soft and gives a fresh glow.

How to use: Wet your face and squeeze the fair amount of cleanser into hands, gently apply and massage in circles. Avoid contact with eyes.

You can buy this useful tube filled with magic for $7.49. What a bargain!

  • La Mer moisturizing soft cream: now this is what we call a celebrity product. This choice of the actor depicts how he takes his beauty seriously. He doesn’t compromise for his skin’s health, just as much as he cares about his hard muscled physique providing a luring treat for our eyes. La Mer is a company which creates effective skin care and makeup using the essence of the sea. The mentioned La Mer’s moisturizing cream does wonders with its unique formula containing microscopic moisturizing beads which get to the bottom of the skin and provides nutrition to the skin. It also:
  • Penetrates the skin to replenish the original texture.
  • Imparts a soft glow and radiance to the skin.
  • Strengthen the skin using its nutrient-rich formula.
  • Anti-aging which restores the youthful glow.

Resources revealed the use of this exorbitant cream by other famous celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Kimora Lee Simmons, and Christina Applegate.

How to use: Take a moderate amount of cream and gently apply to skin.

1 oz. of this high-end, luxurious cream is available for $170, 2 oz. for $315 and 3.4 oz. for $475. But people, believe the Johnson boy, it is worth every penny spent!

  • Drink your imperfections away: the much-emphasized claim by the rock seems to be drinking tequila that helped him with his youthful looking, radiant skin. Well, there you missed the point, wrestler boy. Tequila benefits every part of the body except skin, directly. The missing of direct connection of tequila with the skin care does not actually mean it does not help at all. It does the trick by working for many different domains such as:
  • It is a pro and probiotic.
  • It helps with appetite and digestion.
  • It lowers blood sugar level.
  • Maintains bone health. 1

All the above-mentioned benefits indirectly help with maintaining a healthy skin. Skin is a reflection of your inner well-being. The healthier you are inside your body, the fresher your skin would look. So take the advice of Dwayne Johnson and achieve your skin goals.

We truly believe in becoming your best self in all area of your life. Whether it’s work, relationship, grooming or anything else.

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have you ever considered taking care of yourself?

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