Spirits a Personal Taste, with the Woodinville Whiskey Kit


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Give Spirits a Personal Taste, with the personalized Whiskey Kit

Tis that time of year where we decide changes we want to make within ourselves, and our lifestyles. As the technical and digital evolution continues, we will likely be upgrading a lot more than just our gadgets and gear during the next eleven months. As I brainstormed in a session with our “wonderful” group of editors and staff, we determined that we need to have at least one, easy to abide by drinking each, and every cocktail in boozehound.

Whiskey challenges us by satisfying our deepest, most traditional alcohol taste buds. Thus, it is now required that we should let our current collection of desirable whiskies evolve to contain the our very own creation. However, not just any bottle will do for our personal collection. Instead, we need to reach for a handmaid Whiskey Kit, which will enable us to not only color, but age this decade old recipe to our own personal liking.

We would encourage you to hold off the cheers and toasts, instead sitting those glasses down in anticipation of the perfect sip. This Whiskey Kit provides us with spirits, pre charred oaken barrels, and of course fine glasses in which to indulge the spirits. This might bring about a thirst, but patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to a finely aged whiskey.

The Barrel can be personalized with upper text, a design of your choice, lower text and a name for each barrel. It’s the perfect gift, think of the possibilities, your schools mascot, football team, star wars… the possibilities are endless.


make your own whiskey kit


For the reasonable price of $150, we have the means to make our own special brew, oak aged, and easy. To start, pour the whiskey into the barrel. Next, just wait. Let a month pass, a few months, or a few years. The longer the wait, the better the spirits, as whiskey just gets better with age. The specially designed barrel allows a fine whiskey to be available within months instead of years, but storing for years will not yield disappointments. We encourage our you to experience any and all of our fine selections of Whiskey and Vodka. From the vineyards to the cellar we aim to reward your taste of choice. Cheers!

Currently these little one sell for $159.95 for a 5 liter and 119.95 for a 2 liter barrel, Take a look Here: Personalized Whiskey Kit



Author: Eric Pangburn

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