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tri fold wallet for men

Sophetic Hybrid Leather Tri-Fold Wallet Review

A wallet is a man’s best friend.

It’s said that you could judge anyone personality by their wallet, the way they keep their money and the cards they carry all speak for a man’s personality. Nobody likes it when a man gets their hand in their pocket to get their money and find folded and crushed notes we all know that it looks shabby.

To keep everything in order we need a good and durable wallet and Sophetic Wallets match this criterion. Sophetic designs a hybrid leather wallet that is durable, low maintenance and looks incredibly good. A good functional yet stylish wallet always adds to your personality.

There are two types of leather Wallet Bi-fold and Tri- fold.


sophetic wallet review


Bi-fold wallets are more common in man because it’s the traditional design that has been mass manufactured. Nothing wrong with bi-fold wallets, in many ways they are very easy to handle and tend to have a lower profile as compared to a trifold wallet. If you don’t have a need for many card slots then a bifold is the way to go.

Tri- fold is more common to the woman since it holds card slots. The times, however, have changed, if you’re anything like me you lend up with a minimum of 5 to 10 business cards per week where the added space comes in handy. Tri-Fold wallets are the way I carry now.

There are many benefits to a tri-fold wallet worth mentioning.


tri fold wallet


One fashion tip, 90% of men will carry around a black leather wallet. Most of the leather wallets are usually in your back wallet, choose to go against the masses and you’ll be ok.

Sophetic brown leather looks way much cooler and smarter than any other wallet. They have this rich texture and elegance in it that you can’t ignore it at all. It is important to make a statement and seem professional with your clothing, your hair, and your wallet. You will want every single component to be in your corner and this wallet is a must-have for your daily carry setup.

The polyester adds the needed grip and keeps this wallet from moving around in your pocket and adds a unique style that doesn’t compromise durability. A wallet gets more wear and tear than any other men’s accessory.


If you are thinking of getting your original leather wallet then you just one option Sophetic.

Sophetic both manufactures and retails quality genuine chrome-free leather wallets and card holders. The cowhide is delicate and it has its own shine which makes it look changed and even after the cowhide wallets age from continued use which has its own particular appeal. There are various types of leather wallets available, including a compact and large tri-fold wallet, a compact and large bi-fold wallet and a few card holders that different in color design and prints. I’m really impressed with the design, presentation, the mission of the company. Sophetic has so much provided in their collection that this also makes a perfect gift.

This wallet feels and looks great, the extra slots are really a must have now. 

sophetic founders

Sophetic is a decoration design company dedicated to products for men. Cristian and Alex founded it in 2016 with the goals of providing sophisticated and innovative accessories for men. The company has a strong social commitment, after the foundation of Sophetic Company, it has performed in the influential magazine in Ecuador such as Lideres and Vistazo. Sophetic Company has also won the annual Reto Turismo’ arranged by the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism for best innovative Ecuadorian products.

We wish them much luck and recommend their products to anyone looking for a quality tri-fold wallet. Visit Sophetic at



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