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Sonoro Cubo – The Stylish Retro Cubed Radio that Does Everything


Here at we get our fair share of surprises. This is because, every once in a while we get our hands on something special. The Sonoro Cubo Alarm clock radio is one such product that has so much hidden within that reviewing it opens your eyes to a great number of features. With every feature we discovered , we realize that there is much more to this little cube that actually meets the eye. Let us review the Sonoro Cubo and get to know about this impressive gadget.

sonoro cubo universal radio


What is the Sonoro Cubo

Sonoro Cubo radio is a German designed MP3/CD clock radio produced by Sonoro.

The Cubo has a built-in full-range speaker that ensures you get quality sound. With the iPod ports and Bluetooth connectivity, you can access music from multiple sources including iPods laptops and phones.

The radio’s design easily blends with any contemporary decor either at home or at the office. Cubo has a rather minimalist layout for its controls but in many ways functional and adding to the overall elegant design. The buttons are few but very conveniently placed, so is the volume knob which is big enough to find even when you are not looking.

The elegant wood casing makes Cubo both easy to grip by the average hand and also makes it easy to clean with the provided gloves. The casing is available in a variety of texture finishes and colors which makes it easy to style.

What really caught me by surprise is the number of features packed in the Cubo. Some of the features aren’t really what you can expect in such a gadget.


Superior audio stage


surround sound radio


For starters, the Cubo has an impressive sound output capability. The speaker is placed at the top, which for me makes sense; instead of the usual forward sound projection, you get full rich quality sound. Futuristic Cubo radio enables you to listen to your favorite music through;

  • CD player.

  • AM/FM radio.

  • Auxiliary input.

  • Wireless streaming from your phone, Tablet or Laptop.

  • Online radio App with up to 80,000 stations from everywhere in the world.

  • Meditation Programs.

Meditation can help you relieve stress, feel relaxed and sleep. The Cubo gives you access to a wide compilation of guided meditation programs to help you achieve a healthy life.


Light control capability


light controlled radio


I have to admit that this is something I wasn’t expecting to find in the Cubo radio. By plugging the Cubo to any lamp, you can control the lighting through the radio. Not only do you get to switch the lights on and off but also control the intensity of the light. In addition to this, you can also control the lighting remotely using the Sonoro wireless remote.


Alarm that Simulates Sunrise


alarm that simulates sunlight


Getting up in the morning doesn’t have to be a mean feat anymore thanks to the Cubo sunrise simulation feature. What the simulation actually does is to gradually switch on the lights in your bedroom. This will ensure you achieve the lightest mode of sleep before your alarm goes off. The sunrise simulation enables you to get the benefits of a sunshine awakening.

The alarm is one other main feature that makes Cubo functional and interesting. You can either wake up to the usual alarm sounds or to music. For music, you can either choose to wake up to an FM station or your favorite track from your favorite CD. As if that is not enough, you can set two alarms to go off at different times in the morning.


Lasting battery life.


cool radio for the home


Sonoro provides high-quality cables for connecting Cubo to other devices like Mp3 players and iPods. You will also find an antenna in the package to enhance quality AM/FM reception. However, for lamp connections or connection to other output speakers, you will have to purchase the respective cables.

  • Professional Superior sound quality
  • Relaxation and meditation capabilities
  • Light control
  • Internet Radio
  • Durable rubber casing
  • High portability
  • Long lasting rechargeable battery
  • Easy to clean


Final Recommendation



Now that we have been able to review it is safe to make an informed conclusion. The alarm radio is quite impressive. The features are what everyone would want in a simple entertainment unit. It is applicable in many settings including the office, kitchen, bedroom or high traffic settings. Campers and picnickers also have a wonderful entertainment gadget to carry along whenever they go.


The Sonoro Kickstarter kicked of not to long ago.

Take a look at the Sonoro Cubo Website and follow them on social:


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