A Smart Wallet for Men is a Smart Wallet

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Unlike women and their complicated, many pocketed purses, in which they dig 10+ minutes to locate something, a man’s needs found here at Dude Living are far simpler. We require a wallet in which to carry our ID, credit cards and cash. Now days, we can go for the standard leather wallet, or get more creative with one of the designer wallets available, like a Smart Wallet.

A Smart Wallet, You Ask?

Indeed, we say.  A crowd funding project known as StreetSmart, has created and is marketing a new wallet that may become a virtual man’s favored technical device of the decade, and the best wallet for men in general. The Smart Wallet is a cash, credit card and ID carrier in a nice, compact design, which still offers plenty of space with a well designed, and secure clip feature. The design is meant to be slim, secure and stylish, for the business man, or man on the town. The thin style fits in almost any size pocket, and the clip prevents items being held from falling out. Not to mention, the thin style is also never uncomfortable when sitting, unlike the large bulky kind that makes us feel like we’re sitting on a 3X5 chunk of brick.


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Perhaps the best feature of the Smart Wallet is what actually makes it smart… sometimes smarter than us. We all have those days where we misplace things we might need. It might even be a case of someone else moving our items to a different location. The end result can be a long, and highly annoying search for whatever it is we may need. This sometimes ends in total loss, as the object we seek becomes displaced until we happen upon it hours, days, weeks, or even years later.


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The reason the Smart Wallet is one of the best wallets for men, is that it prevents this type of mishap. No longer will we have to search for the wallet that somehow fell out of our pocket. Nor will we have to worry about our cash or cards slipping out and getting lost. The incredible Smart Wallet provides us with a 1000 mAH battery, which we can use to charge our mobile devices. The most unique and truly useful aspect is that the Smart Wallet has a Bluetooth GPS locator, which is connected to our device. If we happen to forget our wallet, a handy notification will go off on an Android or iOS app. This app not only notifies us, but also provides directions from 50, up to 150 feet. Forget where the phone is? A convenient button on the Smart Wallet will make mobile devices ring, alerting their location. Between these 2 beneficial features, it is possible we won’t be losing either one.

These wallets are not yet available but you can pre-order one at their kick-starter page: Kickstarter

We need more ideas like that, keep up the good work guys.

If you need a wallet right now and can’t wait then you are in luck, we wrote a lengthy article focusing primarily on unique wallets for men, take a look: Cool and Unique Wallet Styles for Men


Author: Eric Pangburn

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