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SLXtreme Phone Case by Snow Lizard Products


Your iPhone is one of the most important companions you can ever have around yourself. It contains very many important details and is therefore quite enough for you, even in the absence of any other person next to you. It contains so many applications for your own personal use. These applications may include iMusic, Mobile diet plan, mobile game downloads, personal details such as official and other contacts, graphics, videos, text messages, social media chats among other important features. You have probably personalized and secured them with passcodes such that you are the only person who can access them. Losing them may mean losing a substantial part of life because retrieving them is a paradox difficult to understand. In fact, if you lose them, you just have to forget about them forever.

Are you prepared to undergo all the torture and torment involved in losing the details of your iPhone?

Because you may not know when your beautiful iPhone will accidentally fall down and crack on the screen. You are not certain of what the weather conditions in a place to which you have scheduled your trip next month will bring forth. This is exactly the reason why SLXtreme Waterproof iPhone 7 Case coming to you at this convenient hour of need.


SLXtreme iPhone 7 Case Features


slxtreme phone case

SLXtreme Waterproof iPhone 7 Case is a case designed in a unique way, meant for your iPhone 7 phone. It is slim with military-grade ruggedness to allow easier entry and removal of the iPhone. You simply need to slide your iPhone 7 in or out through its bottom which has been made secure using nickel alloy metal latches. It is suitable and ideal for use in any weather conditions or the environment due to its extremely waterproof nature.

It is just a single case but with an amazing set of features meant to safeguard your iPhone and remove all the doubt about ever having any problem with your iPhone management. For instance, its design features a tough, waterproof protection and rugged and natural. It also involves other features such as built-in power charger and integrated solar panel. This case is therefore unique and one of its own kind, to be found nowhere else.

Waterproof- IP-68 

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SLXtreme offers maximum Ingress Protection to your iPhone 7 against dust and water. Number 6 means the highest rate of protection from solid particles such as dirt, dust, debris, and sand while Number 8 means the highest rate of waterproof up to depths of 2 meters or 6.6 feet. With this case, you don’t have to worry about your iPhone dropping on the ground or in water. You will still get it back fully functional and intact.

The case is made using toughest polycarbonate exterior which meets the highest rating by the US Department of Defense. It can, therefore, withstand a wide range of adverse conditions such as dust, exposure to snow, dirt, vibrations, sand and falls in depths up to 2m/6.6 feet.

Built-In Battery + Charge it with Solar

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SLXtreme has an inbuilt 4000mAh battery with a Micro USB recharging port and in case lightening connector. If you need to extend your iPhone power by 185% and over, simply press and hold its charge button. This battery is significant in different ways such as offering 16 hours extra talk time, 83 hours of music playback. However, this extended time varies depending on a number of factors such as the exact iPhone model you are using.

The case also features a 20% efficient and unique mono-crystalline solar panel. If your iPhone power is going down and you need to boost it, simply activate it whether in sunlight or indoor lighting in order to trickle the charge and enhance your battery power, especially when there is no alternative power source available. Exposing your case’s solar panel to sunlight for one hour will generate a charge that can sustain 10 minutes talk time or even more.


The Best iPhone Case On the Market Today


snowlizard phone case


Not many can compete with this phone case. The solar charger in itself is convenient, throw it on my car dashboard on my way back from and I’m fully charged. Sliding your iPhone in and out of the case is quite easy and does not interfere with its waterproof and rugged features. Its side grips are made using rubber materials that enable the user to hold perfectly even if it’s dirty or wet. It has an integrated carabiner loop that makes it possible to keep it in your favorite lanyard or backpackIt has double safety latches for locking designed in a unique way.

The case protects your iPhone without compromising its functional features such as complete touchscreen access to voice calls, text messaging, photos and graphics, videos sharing among other crucial functions.

In a nutshell, SLXtreme Waterproof iPhone 7 Case a perfect solution for all your iPhone protection and enhancement needs. It is designed in a unique way to meet modern standards of technology. It is meant for iPhones alone, and not any other smartphone. For quality service, you simply have to settle for nothing other than this unique iPhone case.


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