Samsung’s New Curved Soundbar

samsung curved soundbar

Samsung’s New Curved Soundbar, Creating the Sounds That Make You Feel Like Your There

Creating the perfect atmosphere for a man cave can be tedious, especially when focusing on that Fung Sway feel…

You knew that was a joke, right? Creating a personalized man cave is easy. All it takes is the right materials, such as Samsungs new Curved Soundbar. The soundbar just happens to match the huge, curved, flat screen television, which was sturdily mounted on the wall, a day prior. Sounding good so far? It should.

Experience Serious Sound

Just envision the best game day of the year. You and some buddies are sitting on your cool ass couch, drinking a beer and catching the game on a huge widescreen with a symmetrically corresponding Samsung Curved Soundbar. Not only does it improve the look of the television, by giving the faux appearance of a one piece display and sound, it is aesthetic.

There is flexibility in the Samsungs new Curved Soundbar, as it was designed to match both the company’s 55-inch and 65-inch screens. The company’s curved TVs match the arc of the sound bar. This makes it appear as an extension of the actual panel, instead of a sloppy addition, like other sound bars. Unfortunately, the cable box will still look like a cable box, but I am assuming that cable boxes are not part of Sony’s current contract. It doesn’t matter which room you choose to set up the new home entertainment system, this sleek design will add style in any environment.

Time and Space

Making adequate use of space encouraged designers to mount televisions on the wall. The good news is the Samsung new Curved Soundbar offers the same design. It can be mounted directly on the wall when utilizing a television brand other than Samsung, but when using a Samsung curved television, the bar can be mounted directly to the television. This easy integrated sound bar fits securely to the curved tv, eliminating the need to add more holes to the wall.

The Samsung new Curved Soundbar can also be sat down on a table or entertainment center. This soundbar features a slim, 2.2 inch frame with a sleek curvature radius of 13.8 feet. The finely brushed aluminum finish adds to the sleek look and premium feel, like the paint job on a new car.

Sound You can Almost Touch

What would the Samsung new Curved Soundbar be without sound? This state of the art entertainment tool has been designed to provide users with immersive, high quality sound. They system was created

curved soundbar samsung

with dual speakers on each side, thus it delivers audio from three different directions. Samsung deems this design as more spatial, with overwhelming surround sound. A wireless subwoofer is also included, which connects through Samsung’s SoundConnect system, requiring no additional cable or wiring. You and your friends can close your eyes and “hear” like you are at that game, concert or adventure movie.

Big Screen, Big Sound, Big Fun

This innovative design by Samsung also features an 8.1 channel support system, along with easy to use functions. These user friendly tools are accessible via the Samsung television remotes. Samsungs new Curved Soundbar model HW-H7500, is the first of the curved soundbars and is a compliment to Samsungs widescreen curved television set. They have resurrected the +1 initiative from its televisions in order to provide that extra inch to the viewing screen

samsung curved soundbar


Samsungs new Curved Soundbar is available now for around $800, but being the first of its kind, that could change. The important thing is… no man cave or family game room is complete without one.

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Author: Eric Pangburn

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