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Quality Socks and Men’s Underwear by Pair of Thieves


Pair of Thieves founded by 3 young, enthusiastic, entrepreneurs Cash Warren, Alan Stuart and David Ehrenberg. Headquartered in Culver City, California, Pair of Thieves is an innovative brand. Pair of Thieves is specialists in fashion and style trends. The most notable products they manufacture are socks and underwear for everyone out there whether you are man, woman or kid. At Pair of Thieves there is something for everyone who wants a pair of socks or trendy and comfortable underwear. Pair of Thieves blends bold designs with high performance elements to make all their products Ready for Everything. At Pair of Thieves they do not claim to be extreme, and they will never be boring. They use performance technology to improve comfort and wearability.


The Founders


pair of thieves founders


The Founder of Pair of Thieves all grew up together; Cash Warren is a talented young man with strong will to bring comfort and pleasure in wearables. Cash uses his incredible smile and charm to eschew having any real responsibilities and to present any smart idea that comes to his mind. He takes pride in the thought that it was his idea to start Pair of Thieves and we do not really tell him otherwise. There is no one in the marketplace that Cash does not know or love and at many occasions we meet some people who even love him back.

Co-Founder and star of the design team at Pair of Thieves, Alan Stuart is proud of himself that he is the artiste of the brand. He along with his design studio, One Long House, has been helping brands speak clearly of their ideas and look awesome for years. His father says “It is about time he created something useful with his bare hands”.

The third co-founder of the company is David Ehrenberg. David is the business mind of the Pair of Thieves; he leads development, manufacturing and operations at Pair of Thieves. Equipped with years of experience in mass retail and manufacturing, David is the most suitable person in the company who has the capability to meet the demands of the business they started. David’s large collection of white socks, it still needs a lot of work to be done.


Products at Pair of Thieves;


pair of thieves logo

At Pair of Thieves, socks and underwear are the flagship products which are designed and manufactured keeping in mind the users comfort and the product’s efficiency.


Top Notch Socks For Men;


best socks for men


Socks are one of the most important and basic part of our dress every day. At Pair of Thieves socks are given great emphasis. Prices starting at $10, there are hundreds of designs to choose from. Pair of Thieves socks feels very comfortable when in feet and these look beautiful to eye when they show a glimpse of their selves. Pair of Thieves has gained experience in designing and manufacturing such products which are not costly, which look beautiful when looked upon and which feel extremely comfortable when they are wore.

The most common problem when a sock is worn is that it causes sweat inside the shoes and this at worst converts itself into a very disliking odor. This shows the ground reality of any sock product whatever brand it comes from.

But when these socks are worn, they are extremely well designed and a very well manufactured, thus the any such of issue is not an option with Pair of Thieves.


  • Crew;

Crew socks are perfect in length for shorts, or pants, with Sneaky Performance built right in. With plenty of beautiful looking designs to choose from, Crew starts at $10 is a perfect choice when going out in hot summer days with friends and family.

  • No Shows;

This super sneaky design means they will not show themselves above the shoes but they are designed in a very classy way that they will not slip down the shows. Isn’t it cool? With prices set at $10 , they are a perfect choice if you at any time want to wear any casual shoes and get dressed casually, these No Show socks will do just great.

  • Dad + Kid Sets;

There is nothing more cute than a pair of twins. And what is more cuter if the twins are dad and daddy’s boy. Available in many different colors, you can choose from different styles. Dad + Kid Sets are set at a price of $16.


Quality Underwear For Men;


quality underwear


At the Pair of Thieves, they say “Try one pair and get ready to replace the whole drawer of it”.

And it is right, because the underwear which they make is just perfect. It is a perfect piece of dressing, it is comfortable and it is very well-made.


  • Boxer Briefs;

Available in many different colors and different shades, the Pair of Thieves has a diverse range of boxer briefs. Price is set to be $20 and the briefs provide you the value of money.

  • Slim-fit Boxers;

Want to stay cool and relax? This is your perfect choice. Pair of Thieves is the best option if you are that kind of person who wishes to stay cool. Price starting at $20 there are different choices to choose from.


Ready for everything?


pair of theives underwear


Ready for everything as they say it at Pair of Thieves, the products are manufactured and designed in a sturdy way. Behind their stylish designs are performant fabrics + technology, creating amazing breathability, moisture control, performance fabric, and comfy fit. It’s their technical way of saying you get the most comfortable, and versatile product which can be produced.

  • Super Boxer Briefs;

Boxer briefs designed and manufactured at Pair of Thieves, are very special. Unlike pooled boxer briefs, Pair of Thieves have some special technology to offer. Their boxer briefs are superiorly designed and manufactured so they can have;

  • 4 way stretch
  • Moisture wicking. (This is amazing, especially now that i’m wearing boots this winter)
  • Quick drying.
  • Superior Microfiber fabric.
  • Supremely breathable.
  • User Comfy Fit.
  • Flawless Sport

Then there is the slightly padded version from the Perfect collection. This technology which was used to create this sock that didn’t even exist 2 years ago and they spared no expense. Filling it with every useful feature you didn’t know you needed.


Dude Living approved – Get your pair of thieves today!!


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