Olala portable Phone Charger Review

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Olala the portable Phone Charger (iPhone and Samsung)

The one interesting thing about this Olala portable iPhone charger is that not only is it made for iPhone or iPad, which usually means it’s certified for use on Apple devices, other devices like the Samsung Galaxy can benefit from its use as well. This device is actually not too big considering it’s a 7800mAh and will give you two full charges of your iPhone 7 plus due to the fact that the 7800mAh power battery has more than twice the capacity the iPhone 7 plus has. If you have a comparable phone, such as the Samsung Galaxy mentioned earlier, with comparable battery capacity you’re going to be able to also get more than one full charge out of this portable power bank.portable charger for samsung and iphone

This portable charger is perfect for iPhone, iPad or any other Android device you may own. The integrated cables attached to sides of the power bank like the Apple certified lightning cable for your iPhone or iPad and the micro USB cable for your other devices like your android devices and other types of electronics that use a micro USB charger makes this product a fantastic one.

You are able to hook those devices to this portable charger without needing to carry separate cables. This charger would be ideal for those of you that are looking for a portable charger and do not want to carry extra cables. The built-in cable lengths measure up to about 3.75 inches and are tucked neatly into the power bank’s sides.

Along with those two charging cables, the Olala portable iPhone charger has an input port of two Amps and an output port of two point four Amps which ensures that it can be fully charged by a 2A adapter in no more than five hours and it has four tiny LED lights that are used to tell you how much charge the power bank has on it. Most of the information above can be found directly on their Amazon page.

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A black matte metal case encloses the outside of this Olala power bank product and the product itself measures at around four point three five inches by two point six inches by zero point eight seven inches and weighs in at around seven an a half ounces. This metal black casing gives the impression of a high-quality, well-manufactured product and its size allows it to fit perfectly into any purse or pocket. Its rounded sides enhance its comfort levels to the user when carrying it around.

At one end of this portable iPhone charger, you will find the Lightning cable and micro USB connectors fit flush to the charger connected to the battery. At the other end of the power bank, you will find the charger’s LED flashlight, its power button (which you will be required to press before you can begin to charge you’re an electronic device), a micro USB port which is what the power bank uses to charge. and an extra USB port in case you may need the charging of an extra third device.

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There is nothing special about its initial packaging other than it comes in a regular brown box which is generally easy to open and frustration free. The white slide on information covering is quite edgy and gives the product a cool look. It also works well concerning the presentation purposes of this wonderful product. It outlines and gives a summary of all the interesting features that can be found in the product so as to ensure that the buyer knows exactly what he’s getting. This is a nice touch that definitely keeps things really simple.

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All in all the Olala portable iPhone charger is without a doubt quite an impressive product. It is a well manufactured, compact and high-quality portable power bank. Its most appealing advantage is definitely the inbuilt Apple certified lightning and micro USB cables which ensures that you won’t have to bring with you those extra cables when traveling. The five-hour duration it takes to get fully charged is quite reasonably sufficient as well. Its only major drawbacks of note are that before you can start charging your electronic device you will first have to push the power button before any charging can take place and the fact that you can’t directly connect it to your power outlet. Aside from that, this Olala portable iPhone charger is definitely a ten over ten.


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