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NutSac – Quality Bags for the Modern Man


Man-purses are one of those undeniably essential items that–amazingly–have yet to be widely embraced by the men’s fashion community en masse. Despite rumors to the contrary, the man-bags are here to stay, and they might just be one of the most useful items in your arsenal of manly accessories.

If you are in the market for a bag that goes well beyond the traditional functional and stylistic limitations of the form, the amusingly-named NutSac is especially worthy of consideration. Let’s take a look…

The NutSac Satchel is only one in an extensive range of products manufactured by NutSac, LLC, which has made quite a name for itself with its selection of stylish and quality durable bags. Boasting of an exclusively American-made product line, the company was established in 2009 in Corvallis, Oregon.


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NutSac started out by manufacturing a line of disc golf bags. Almost immediately after the company’s first products rolled off the production line, it quickly developed a reputation for superb quality and rugged durability. The company’s early products also made quite an impression among customers who appreciated their utilitarian style, and the fact that they were entirely made in America provide to be a strong selling point. As word of the company’s quality products got around, NutSac geared up to embark on even bigger and better things.


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That being said, it is the company’s product line that has really garnered the lion’s share of attention. With a flurry of production that has effectively showcased the NutSac team’s drive and commitment, the company recently broke brand new ground by making its line of American-made men’s bags available to the public.


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Mag Satchel: $159 – More Info


Apart from the quality of its products, NutSac also made waves with its superb customer support services. Having formed the company with the goal of providing high-quality men’s accessories to the burgeoning market, the NutSac team is also focused on providing the very best pre- and post-sale service possible. In an industry sorely deficient when it comes to customer support, NutSac offered a fresh alternative, and customers took to the company in a big way.  


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Man-Bag Dammit! $89 – More Info


With the aforementioned NutSac leading the company’s full frontal assault on the men’s fashion accessories market, the company is gearing up to unleash an even more spectacular array of products, each boasting of the quality craftsmanship and rugged durability that has made NutSac such an industry leader.


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Satchel $159 – More Info


NutSac has a number of other products that should make just as big a splash in the men’s accessories waters. The MPD is one such example, and its ultra-stylish design and compact form factor should please many of the NutSac’s fans who wanted the same high-quality in a more convenient design. With its winning combination of features, functionality, and style, the MPD will totally redefine the traditional image of the man purse. The company also offers a cool-and-casual Satchel and a ruggedly reliable Roll-Top Messenger bag. As with the MPD, these products are made from the finest quality American waxed canvas and leather, and are designed for maximum durability.

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Author: Eric Pangburn

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