10 of the Latest, Greatest New Home Technologies in 2015

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We are well into 2015, and there are some fantastic new home technologies available to us all. Our safety, security and comfort are being placed in the capable hands of new digital devices. These revolutions in the smart technology industry were pondered, creatively engineered, and then put on the market to make our lives easier. They say a man is the king of his castle, and a women is queen, well, these new technologies will indeed, make us feel like royalty.

Here are 10 of the latest, greatest new home technologies of 2015:

Power Clean Robot Vacuum


robot vacuum

iRobot Roomba Vacuum: $699.99

The iRobot Rooma 880 is the latest from the renowned Roomba, and another in a long list of successful robotic cleaning machines. This little round robot offers state of the art navigation sensors and powerful, high quality suction. This favored household helper is priced at $699.99 and is equipped with a HEPA filter, allowing it to collect even the tiniest particles. It comes with a remote control, and offers convenient, preprogram settings.


Sound Sleep with Cool Technology Foam


memory foam cool matress


New Cool Breeze 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam: $599

Get rid of those noisy mattresses and invest in HD Gel Memory Foam. This amazing super sleeper is priced at $599, and worth every penny. It comes with two free gel foam pillows which allow movement and breathing. Anything that can help us improve the quality of our sleep these days is worth it. If  you think about it, the mattress is our most important furniture item. We spend half our life on one of these things. A good nights rest can do wonders for our quality of life.


Smart Thermostat Controls the Environment


smart thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat: $247.99

The new Nest Learning Thermostat is an incredible device that can not only maintain a pleasant living environment, but it can be adjusted remotely as well. This handy dandy thermostat learns the patterns of those in the home, and will adjust temperatures accordingly. This easy to install device is available for $249, and is estimated to save users around 20% on heating/cooling costs.


See No Evil


security cam

Dropcam Pro: 99.67

Protect family or friends the $199 Drop Cam Pro. This professional, and discreet digital camera utilizes a continuous 720 pixel video, has crisp, clear 2-way audio, an incredible zoom feature and hawk like night vision. Hopefully no evil will be seen lurking in the recorded images, but if it is creeping around, this camera won’t miss it.

Comfortably Cool Climate Control



 Smart Window Air: $249

Never worry about coming into a hot home again with the unique smart window air conditioning unit. We can use our Android Wind or iOS and have our home chillin’ before we ever pull in the drive. Leave the temperature up till close to arrival to save on utility bills. Units vary from 5000 to 12000 BTU and run around $249.


Breathe Easy With Early Detection



smart smoke detectorSmart Smoke / Co2 Detector: $99


Breathe easy without fears of CO2 poisoning with the new Nest Smoke Co 2 detector for around $99. This smart detector can sense both CO2 and smoke well before danger strikes. This smart device clearly states the problem via words, and a simple wave of the hand shuts it off. It will also give notice when the batteries are running low.


Smart Control at Home


smart security home system


There are an abundance of smart home systems on the market, but the NuBryte console, at $149, is one of the best available. This smart system allows us to determine how smart we want our home to be. The panel is a touch screen, which will replace a wall switch It utilizes a built in camera, which can double as a security camera, capable of linking up to two more consoles to enable a full home network. It can turn on lights as we enter a room, and off as we leave. We can even give advance notice to our families via the system if we happen to be running late.


Cool, Clean Water


water leak detection system

Smart Leak Detection: $299

Make sure you and the family are not losing a drop of precious H2O, with the Wallyhome smart device. Simply attach sensors to toilets, sinks or a water heater and let the monitor do its job. The Wallyhome hub will be notified if one tiny drip hits anywhere other than it is supposed to. For only $299, monitoring can be done anywhere, anytime with a smart device via the app. This unique smart technology can save incredible amounts of money, just by providing preventative knowledge about water leaks via notifications.


Organize Smart



Wink Connected Home Hub: $40.99


For only $40.99, we can organize smart with the Wink smart Home Hub. This convenient Hub easily fits any smart phone of device, allowing ease of charge and home wireless connections. Keep everything organized in one neat area and quite worrying over lost cords.


Locked Up Tight


smart deadbolt

 Smart Deadbolt: 9999


Unlock the door using a touch of a finger with a Smart Deadbolt by Uniset for $189.99. Due to its normal appearance, no one will guess this mechanism is a smart device. Virtual keys can be assigned and unassigned, with entrance and exit monitoring capability via digital key assignments. Lock programmers can get alerts via their digital device, as an additional security option. If the digital recognition ever fails, the Kwik Set can be opened with an actual key.

These 10 new home devices can make anyone feel like royalty in their own house, so why not investigate the possibilities. We now have the potential to sleep safely, with no worries of water leaks, CO2 leaks, fire hazards, or break in’s, thanks to smart home technology. These are just a few of the amazing advances currently available and more incredible creations are being put to the drawing board daily.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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