Natsu Wallet Review – Slim Leather RFID Protection

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Natsu Wallet Review


Every so often, a product comes out that sets the world upside down with a radically innovative take on the tried and proven design concept and functionality of the current offerings in its niche. Such is the case with the Natsu Wallet, which takes the already innovative wallet design ethos of the minimalist wallet and takes it several steps further with the addition of some truly groundbreaking features.


super slim walletThe brainchild of the dedicated 3-man team of Kisetsu Collections, the Natsu Wallet builds on the success of the company’s previous runaway hit, the HARU wallet, with an impressive blend of features and functionality that departs radically from standard wallet designs. As with Kisetsu Collections’ other products, the Natsu Wallet was designed with the goal of providing the market with high-quality products that offer superb value for the money. Meticulously crafted according to the company’s three design principles of beauty, form and function, the Natsu Wallet appears to have met Kisetsu Collections’ highest standards of quality and performance.


Here’s a quick look at the Natsu Wallet’s feature set:


  • Crafted from fine PU Saffiano Leather
  • Holds up to eight cards and ten bills
  • Comes with a coin holder and a 2-key ring
  • Weighs 9.5 g
  • Measures 9 cm by 6.5 cm, 0.03cm thickness when empty
  • RFID shielding option


The Natsu Wallet neatly addresses the need for a light and easy to carry wallet that can carry practically anything. Apart from cards and bills, the wallet also carries coins and keys easily, with minimal bulk. Plenty of thought clearly went into the design and execution of the Natsu Wallet, and its slim profile will likely be the most appealing feature for many users.


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Of particular interest however is the RFID option that sets the Natsu Wallet apart from all other wallets on the market. The wallet is lined with RFID-blocking material that helps ensure protection against any data intrusion. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is now widely implemented in ID cards, credit cards, and other essential devices and documents, and they generally make financial transactions and identification more convenient. However, there is a risk of unauthorized parties gaining access to the information contained in your RFID devices. With an RFID reading device (many of which are widely available on the market), practically anyone could get close enough to you physically, and steal your sensitive personal and financial information.


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The RFID-blocking material in the Natsu Wallet prevents this from happening, making the wallet serve as more than just a physical barrier against theft. With the Natsu Wallet, you greatly reduce the risk of your valuable data and information being stolen.
Even without the RFID blocking feature, there is a lot to like about the Natsu Wallet. Coming in at an amazingly lightweight 9.5 grams, the wallet is available in a range of stylish colors.


The list price of the Natsu Wallet is expected to be around $25 once it goes into full production, but preordering it from the Kisetsu website will enable you to get this innovative accessory for just $16. At that price, the Natsu Wallet is a definite no-brainer.


Take a look at their Kickstarter Campagin: Natsu Kistarter

Kisetsu Collections Website

Author: Eric Pangburn

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