Motorcycle Helmets You Can Really Wrap Your Head Around

best motorbike helmets 2015


Best Motorcycle Helmets 2015


There is nothing in this world even remotely comparable to the freedom experienced atop two wheels whirring down an open highway. From the days of Marlon Brando’s Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to the leather and gasoline-tinged romanticism of Sturgess and Daytona, little has come close to equaling the sheer coolness of taking a hog out on the road, in search of danger and adventure.

It would really suck to not complete that journey alive, wouldn’t it?

Though safety isn’t the coolest or sexiest thing when talking about motorcycles, it is important. Considering wearing a helmet on a bike increases your chance of surviving a crash by 37 percent, cutting your likelihood of brain injury by 67 percent. Though a majority of states don’t require helmet use, it’s an unnecessary risk not to wear one.


Why Wouldn’t Someone Wear A Helmet?


Motorcycles; cool. Motorcycle helmets; not cool. It’s simple. In the movies and every depiction of rebels behind the bars, they’re always riding with wind ripping through their hair, faces visible, shades gleaming. A helmet simply ruins the image everyone is going for… or so you thought.

There are a number of really awesome helmets on the market nowadays that will not only shield your noggin from harm but look pretty damn good doing it. Check these suckers out before you try and tell us safety ain’t sexy.


Shoei Solid Qwest motorcycle helmet



At just under five and-a-half lbs., this matte black full face masterpiece looks the part of headgear designed for a marauding warrior of the highway. A nearly perfect safety rating combined with middle-of-the-road pricing makes this one a no-brainer, and will ensure if you get in a crash, you’ll still have some brain left to think about the importance of road safety. SHOEI SOLID QUEST | $349.19


bell vortex motorcycle helmet


BELL VORTEX | $160.00 – $180.00


Extreme safety at a bargain price, this helmet is tested as a perfect 5/5 in terms of safety ratings. Plus, at only five lbs., this helmet packs a lot of mean, hardcore attitude in a very small amount of mass. Put this one on and you’ll practically feel like a motorbike-bound Power Ranger. BELL VORTEX | 60.00


HJC SPRINT motorbike helmet


HJC SPRINT | $220.00


While not the safest helmet out there, the Sprint has a pretty broad visor that allows you to see the road and surrounding traffic with the alertness of a hawk. Plus, with its lame-defying design befitting a true rebel of the highway (with thrifty sensibilities, of course) this will help you shed the myth that safety can’t make you the coolest dude on wheels. If you need a few more amenities, the company also makes helmets with Bluetooth compatibility as well take a look. HJC SPRINT | $211.49


german vintage motorbike helmet




DOT-approved WITH old school flair? It’s the best of both worlds. This blast from the past does have a visor, so you don’t have to be picking bugs from your teeth cruising your way through the countryside. However, for city cruising, this bad boy has a look to it that says you’re not only a force to be reckoned with, but you can stay safe in style. GERMAN RETRO HELMET | $54.99


vintage french motorbike helmet




The biker aesthetic is one where consistency in the image you project to the world is key. For sports bike riders, sleek, streamlined rides and sharp helmets are the ideal. For those on Hogs and Harleys, leather, chrome and steel is the theme to keep. For those with a more vintage flair, many may have given up on finding a matching helmet for their style of bike, clashing the old school prestige with modern gear that simply doesn’t fit. With antique helmets like this one, you can finally be safe and historically accurate. VINTAGE FRENCH HELMET |   $123.07


thor verge helmet




We certainly didn’t forget our offroad friends here. The Verge offers the protection you need from the odd environments you’ll find after leaving the highway with enough coverage to keep you clean when the mud-slingin’ starts. Constructed with a Kevlar/Fiberglass composite, this beast isn’t indestructible by any means—but it comes pretty damn close. Thor Verge Solid Helmet | $299


ruby castel helmet


Bell Builitt | $449.95


Clean, sharp and simple, Bell lands another hit with the Bullitt. A no-frills design gives this a sinister minimalistic vibe that offers no drag and an uninhibited view of the world around you. It won’t grab anyone’s attention for the wrong reasons. Like all of the helmets recommended above, this sucker is also DOT-certified.

With a beautiful bike, you don’t want to be seen atop it unless you’re perfectly put together, as if you and the bike are one. Meet the helmet that will turn heads while protecting yours. The Ruby Le Castale isn’t cheap by any means, but killin’ ain’t cheap, and this helmet has the looks to knock ‘em dead. Ruby Castel Bike Helmet | $449.95


Icon Airmada Rubatone Helmet




Considered one of the better bargains in the helmeted world, the Airmada is a steal considering the safety certifications it boasts all across the board. A machine washable liner, great ventilation and a broad array of sizes ensure you’ll stay comfortable the whole ride out. Icon Airmada Solid Helmet | $190


Vintage Red Star Motorcycle Helmet




An open faced helmet with a vintage flair, this lid will help you to establish an impression bolder than the one your revving engine made, turning the heads of every wannabe badass behind the wheel of a minivan. With a number of different designs available and enough safety certifications to get your mother off your back, this helmet is an all-around bargain. Red White Vitage Helmet | $68.99


While the attitude you project on the bike is important, the expression of freedom is most important. Though freedom often entails self-expression, a helmet shouldn’t be something to hide behind. It should be an extension of your image, an additional canvas on which to paint your creed. By choosing a helmet that fits your style, you’re making the safe choice both literally and figuratively.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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