Mission Belt: The Venerable Men’s Belt Gets A Revolutionary Upgrade

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Men’s Mission Belt – Welcome to Functional Faction

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In the world of functional fashion, the men’s belt is an accessory that could be considered an undisputed classic. Like all classics, the belt falls in and out of fashion with the changing times and with the ebbs and flows of public tastes, but it remains one of the most popular and most essential add-ons to the well-dressed man’s wardrobe.

Another indicator of its classic status is that the basic design of the belt has remained virtually unchanged throughout the centuries, with the strap-and-loop combination withstanding most attempts at innovation and redesign. Sure there have been some developments in belt design over the years, but most of the belts you could pick up in any store today are largely similar to the belts used over a hundred years ago–until now.

In a world where items of clothing achieve classic status and resist most attempts at change, the Mission Belt stands as a clear reminder that even the classics can be made better. Marketed as THE alternative to the classic men’s belt, the Mission Belt offers improved performance and functionality, as well as innovative features that up until now have never been seen on the men’s fashion market. Going purely by an initial inspection of the belt’s design and construction, it seems that the Mission Belt Company may be on to something.


Could the Mission Belt indeed be the one that takes the traditional belt design into the 21st century and beyond?


The Mission Belt mission


A read of the mission statement of the company behind the Mission Belt’s creation provides even more clues as to just how significant a development this accessory is. The company works on the basic principle of not only helping customers look good, but to feel good as well. With every purchase of the company’s product, one dollar goes toward organizations that are working to fight hunger and poverty around the world. It is indeed a breath of fresh air to come across a company that is more than just about making a profit, and this corporate stance really does reinforce the idea that wearing a Mission Belt is more than just a fashion statement.


mission belt company mission


The “mission” in the Mission Belt name also refers to the company’s goal to produce belts in a socially responsible manner. It is the fervent hope of the Mission Belt team that every time someone puts on a Mission Belt, he will feel a sense of being part of a larger effort to make the world a better place. It isn’t often that you feel as if you are an agent of social change every time you put on a men’s fashion accessory, but the way that the Mission Belt Company explains it makes perfect sense.


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Just how seriously the Mission Belt Company takes its mission could be gleaned from its association with global organizations that share in its goals and visions. One of the firm’s key partners is Kiva.org, which is a non-profit, peer-to-peer ‘micro-lending’ agency that works to provide funding opportunities to startups and entrepreneurs in developing countries. Established with the goal of aiding in economic development and entrepreneurship, Kiva has made significant contributions toward alleviating poverty and creating more favorable economic opportunities in the countries in which it serves.

It is also refreshing to note that Mission Belt’s affiliation with Kiva is free from the publicity and promotions that so often goes hand-in-hand with social and economic development efforts. The Mission Belt Company tends to shy away from press releases and publicity stunts that serve only to highlight its contributions, and instead focuses on forging relationships based on sustainability, transparency and impact. It is rare to see a company so focused on effecting real change rather than making profits and drumming up publicity, and it gives one a measure of fulfillment in supporting such a company’s products.  


The Mission Belt in detail



Even if you aren’t particularly interested in the Mission Belt Company’s reason for being, the belt itself is worthy of serious consideration. Putting aside technological and design innovations for a minute, this is really a well-made and high-quality belt–certainly much more impressive than the price would indicate. It is made from real leather for starters, and judging by the company’s mission, we have no doubt that the leather has been produced in accordance with environmental and animal welfare concerns.

The leather used in the belt’s construction in amazingly soft and pliable, with a quality rarely seen in belts at this price point. This is definitely not the stiff imitation leather that most men’s belts are made with nowadays, and it is even several notches up from the uncomfortably stiff and unforgiving leather typical of other mid-priced belts. The belts are of course available in standard black and brown colors, making them ideally suited to office wear and even slightly more formal functions. Those equally interested in a fashionable add-on to their collection of men’s accessories will however be glad to know that red, blue, and gray models are also available, as are three-color designs.




A closer look at the Mission Belt shows just how much care and attention has gone into its design and construction. The stitching all throughout is really quite impressive, with a tightness typical of more costly belts and no apparent frays or loose threads.

The buckle is an especially nice touch, with a heft and heavy-duty feel that provides a solid sense of security and comfort. Buckle options include brushed stainless steel, gold, and brass, all of which add a classy accent to the belt.


The Mission Belt difference


how to wear a mission belt


As impressive as all those aforementioned features are, they are admittedly pretty much par for the course with most high-quality belts. What really sets the Mission Belt apart from all others in its class is the innovative fastening mechanism. The “no-holes” design may not exactly be a groundbreaking development in belt design, but the way that the belt fastens definitely is one. The underside of the belt features a small rigid track that locks in a metal clip in the clip of the belt. Fastening the belt produces a satisfying “click”, which lets you know that it is fastened securely.

Releasing the belt is an equally simple and straightforward procedure, requiring only the pulling of the small lever on the side of the buckle. With this mechanism, the belt can go from “totally secure” to “ready to slip off” literally in a manner of seconds.


Adjusting for changes in waist size

mens mission belt

One of the most common concerns with regard to men’s belt is compensating for changes in waist size. With most men’s belts, the standard ‘fix’ is to simply punch a new hole into the belt in order to pull it in more tightly. This ‘solution’ obviously doesn’t apply to the Mission Belt as it doesn’t rely on the standard hole-and-stem design. Instead, users of the Mission Belt could simply pull the belt in tighter and cut the excess leather material according to preference. Keep in mind however that this is a permanent solution, and there is no way to get the length back if your waist size goes back up!


Men’s Belt Pricing


The Mission Belt is available in widths of 35 mm and 40 mm. Children’s sizes cost $26.99, with men’s models ranging from $34.95 to $39.95. Not quite the cheapest men’s belt on the market, but the price is more than fair considering the quality and features that you get in return. In fact, the Mission Belt provides exceptional value compared to other belts costing many times as much.


For orders and more information about the Mission Belt and the Mission Belt Company, head over to http://missionbelt.com/.


Author: Eric Pangburn

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