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The Zipper Journal – Smart Craftsmanship

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This amazing leather journal is fabricated with the utmost care.

The biggest problem with leather journals is that you fill them up and then have to get a new one. This parting creates a stack of leather journals. The zipper Journal eliminates this by allowing you to swap out notepads allowing you to keep your favorite leather binding.

The Zipper Journal comes with a navy blue penholder with sleek rivets with an extra unique down facing zipper cover. Inside the leather Journal, there are replaceable white lined pages of 3 mini diaries that come as an offer. It has a navy blue penholder with sleek rivets with an extra unique down facing zipper cover. Inside the leather journal, there are replaceable white lined pages of 3 mini diaries that come as an offer. You can use them to plan your day, write your memories and activities.

The Zipper Leather Journal Benefits

There are a lot of the benefits associated with the leather fabric which was used to design this Journal.

Durability – The most important aspect to consider during the purchase of any material. This leather Journal will offer a lot of years in service before it wears out. It will save on the costs of replacement.

Style- The leather is one of the materials that will remain fashionable for years. It gives you an amazing feeling and reflects on your ideology and personality.

Good smell – Journals fabricated from synthetic materials tend to produce an unpleasant odor, especially during sunny days. On the other hand, leather is ever sweet and natural smelling. Leather behaves well when it meets perfumes and therefore won’t have bad experiences that might alter your perfumes smell.

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Flexible – This journal is designed to carry journals and books. However, it can be used to carry other items since leather easily adapts the shape of other items. This journal should not restrict you to journals and books only. If you have items that you want to carry using this journal, it is appropriate and flexible to serve your purpose. It’s flexible such that it can hold a variety of functions.

Ease of care – leather journal requires minimal maintenance. They don’t have to be washed like other bags so as to look good. You just must wipe to remove the dirt.

Weather resistant – Leather journal is strong such that they can resist fungi, moisture, and mites. You do not have to cover your paper in case of the rain, and you are assured of the safety of the item in the bag.

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Cost – People think that due to its style and uniqueness, it costs a lot. This men’s leather journal costs for $24.99. Yes, it is costly than bags made of synthetic fabric, but it will give you a service of ten times than the synthetic one. Therefore, you do not need to incur replacement costs.

Eco-friendly – Leather is naturally obtained with no chemicals that are weather pollutants, unlike other synthesized fabrics.

Timelessness – durability must go hand in hand with fashion. There is no point of being durable and outdated too. Leather journals are not only durable but also fashionable in the current world of lifestyle and fashion. Over the years, the leather fabric has proven to be durable and has maintained to remain the fashionable than other synthetic fabrics.

Other benefits accrued by purchasing this bad include:

  • This journal has an ideal size of about 6 inches by 9 inches which make it comfortable and easy to carry.
  • It has a zipper cover that always turns head thus providing speedy closure compared to the string zips.
  • It has adequate space which ensures that you carry maximum books as you require
  • The journal contains a navy-blue penholder with sleek rivets which allows you to carry pens.

Dude Living Approved – Best Leather Journal on Amazon

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It is affordable and it will reduce the number of resources incurred during replacements.

Take a look at this leather journal over at –  It has been rated it at 4.5 out of 5.0

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