Men’s Guide to the World of Watches

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Before you Shop for a Watch Guide

 How many watch lovers are reading this?

If the word ‘Watches’ gives you those butterfly feelings in your stomach then congratulations, you can consider yourself as a Watch Fanatic. An essential accessory in every Man’s life is his Watch. These Timepieces are the timeless companions.

Whenever you wanna boast around in your trendy new outfit, a watch can add much more to your style quotient without uttering a word. Casual outings or brunching with your friends when you all you need is getting in your comfortable pants, wearing a cool Watch can enhance the entire look. Wearing Watches never go out style and having a collection of some for each occasion might affect your pocket. So, here is a complete guide to choose your perfect Watch which adds it up to your closet.

Types of Wrist Watches you can grab from which can add up to your overall personality.


Analogue Watches

The actual timeless pieces are these Analogue Watches. For the Men who prefer Old is the new cool and love the Roman Numerals, there you go dude, you’re an Analogue Lover. Formal occasions and meetings are perfected with these watches since ages!


Chronograph Watches

Chronograph Watches

The ‘time is ticking’ kind of Men, loves Chronograph Watches. Watches those come with stopwatch and timer mechanism are the Chronograph ones. The elite look and shapes are perfect many of your occasions.


Digital Watches

digital watches

For the Men who never let the kid inside grow old, are tend to found in the Digital Watches. The liquid displays and LED lights flashing electronic numbers are the ever loved Digital Watches. You can have that sporty and sturdy look with these watches on your wrist.


Diver Watches

diver watches

There are people who take their watches as their life companion and never keep them aside, even when they’re into shower or diving into a pool or hiking out on any rainy day. For that kind of Watch Lovers, stands the Diver Watches. These waterproof and tough yet trendy watches can be your lovely go-to watch.

Fitness Bands

fitness bands

The new cool and sleek are these sturdy ‘Fitness Wristbands’. For the health freaks and calorie conscious Men, these watches are becoming a boon. They count the steps you walk throughout a day, are sweat proof, comes in sleek designs & colors and are super cool when worn.

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