Mattresses With the Longest Warranties That You Should Know About

Mattresses can be a source of relaxation and restful sleep, but they can also be a source of frustration. It’s difficult to navigate mattress choices when you can get burned by cheap design or bad construction so easily. Therefore warranty length is important when it comes to that therefore of material that you sleep on every night.


best mattresses of 2018


Best Mattresses of 2018


They say we spend about ⅓ of our life sleeping. That translates to ⅓ of our life on a mattress. With that much time spent on a piece of furniture, it’s crucial to make sure it’s an excellent product.

You know you can find quality mattress options with the right research and resources, but where can you find a place that lets you know what the longest mattress warranty is?

To make it easy for you, we’ve created a list of the mattresses with the longest warranties available.


Layla Mattresslayla mattress review


Layla Mattress is one of the best mattress companies because it offers a lifetime warranty. That’s right, a lifetime warranty!

This company is so confident in their beds that they offer a warranty that is lifelong. The warranty may be void by doing things like leaving the product in the box for two weeks or more after receiving it in the mail or using the mattress in a bed-and-breakfast or hotel situation.

Their secret weapon to their bed comfort is copper, because they have found that putting copper in the mattresses keeps the mattress cooler. It’s a conductive material that keeps colder temperatures which is important in good sleep.


NECTAR Mattress


nectar warranty


Another choice with a lifetime warranty, NECTAR Mattress says it right on their homepage; “It’s forever.”

This mattress company is growing in the memory foam market and offers an unheard of 365-night trial.

The warranty is great, BUT there are limits. The lifetime warranty is a true lifetime, but after the first ten years, the buyer pays 50% of the original price to replace the mattress with a brand new one.

nectar mattress review

Casper Mattress

casper mattress review


You must have heard of Casper by now. If you’re a podcast listener or friends with a hip millennial, you’ll know that Casper is the up and coming mattress right now.

Casper mattress offers affordable mattresses that are really comfortable. They ship mattresses straight to your door in a box. This intuitive idea is truly the crest of the wave. Everyone wants everything shipped to their door. This, crazy enough, includes your next mattress.

As an online-first company, you’re not able to do some of the haggling that you can normally do with an in-person mattress salesman. So, Casper offers frequent promo codes allowing you to save $50 on your mattress purchase.

Ok, ok, enough about how great Casper is. Now let’s get to the warranty.

Casper Mattress has a 10 year limited warranty. Their extensive warranty page is very thorough, so it’s easy to understand what you’re getting into and how the warranty works.

This mattress manufacturer also has individualized warranties on their additional products like sheets, pillows, bed frames, etc. For example, pillows have a three year warranty. That’s long for a pillow!


mattress casper review 2018


Avocado Mattress


avocado mattress review


The most popular “green” mattress, Avocado Mattress is ideal for the environmentally conscious consumer. With it’s funky name and attention to earth-friendly materials, Avocado has done well in the mattress industry.

Avocado offers a 25 year limited warranty that is organized in tiers.

Through the first ten years, you’ll get full coverage. After that, warranty during the years 11 through 25 will require the buyer to pay a percentage of the original price depending on the length of time.


avocado website review


The terms are laid out on their warranty page and helpful customer service representatives are available to answer any questions.

A cool part about Avocado Mattress is that when you initially visit the site, you’re greeted by a chatbot offering a promo code:

It’s a great deal! But if you don’t get this pop up, you can always check other coupon sites for Avocado Mattress promo codes.


Lull Mattress


lull mattress review


Sold only online, this is a truly innovative and future-driven mattress company. Working out of Santa Barbara, this California based mattress company was built from the idea that shopping for a mattress could be enjoyable.

Sven Klein, CEO, said he “got into the mattress business because [he] didn’t like the mattress business.” Klein decided to change the game of the mattress industry and create a product that made it easier to find the perfect place to sleep.

Similar to the others on the list, Lull Mattress offers a 10 year warranty. They offer coverage on defects or mattress sag greater than one inch. They don’t offer warranty on user error, allergies or sensitivities to the materials that the mattress is made from, or damage caused by animals or children.


Leesa Mattress


leesa mattress review


Leesa Mattress is another contender for best warranty in the game. Leesa Offers the competitive 10 year warranty and is offered online.

Leesa Mattress has partnered with West Elm, so if you’d rather by in person, you can find Leesa Mattresses at West Elm locations.

The warranty is solid. However, the warranty is voided if the mattress is sent out of the US, Canada, or the UK. Also, if a mattress is sold by an unauthorized reseller, the warranty will not be upheld.


Bed in a Box


bed in a box mattress review


This company offers a 10 year warranty and emphasizes muscle and joint pain relief due to their comfortable mattress design.

This memory foam mattress promises a durable construction and comfortability that is sent directly to your doorstep. There’s no “middleman,” as Bed in a Box says, so you only communicate with the seller.

Bed in a Box uses American suppliers because they want to make sure their customers get the best quality mattress they can find.


Endy Sleep

endy sleep mattress review


Another mattress giant to make the list is Endy Sleep. This Canadian-based manufacturer offers a warranty that extends to 10 years.

The warranty covers regular wear and tear and everyday use. This includes normal degradation, flaws in the construction that causes foam to “split or crack,” and zipper and mattress cover malfunction.

As most warranties go, it does not have user-made spills, tears, improper foundation for the mattress, or anything else that could be preventable by the consumer.

Boasted as the highest-rated mattress company in Canada, Endy Sleep is an excellent choice for catching Z’s. And if you’re not in Canada? No worries! Endy also offers free shipping to the US and Canada, among other frequent discounts.


Catch Those Z’s




It’s vital to get a good night’s sleep, and warranties are a crucial element in mattress shopping. Sleep a little more easily by knowing you have a good warranty to back you up in case your mattress lets you down.


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