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Best App for Men


best app for men

Do you know what Andre Young’s stage name is? How about what hand will win you crazy amounts of cash in Texas Hold ‘Em? No?

You clearly need to get your Mantelligence up, son.

Mantelligence is a game where you take on a trivia landscape as a Paul Bunyan-esque character on a quest to find the essence of all that is man. By answering questions related to various topics you as a man should know, you advance along a course and gain accomplishments and awards that prove to you and your friends (who are we kidding, just you) that you are truly the king of hairy chested bros worldwide.

Summary of Gameplay


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There are two modes to the game you could play. The first, quest mode, has your character progressing throughout the game map, answering questions to advance. Battling 25 different bosses—including dragons, witches and the notorious archnemesis—across five terrains, players are truly put to the ultimate test in proving they are truly tough enough to live in a man’s world.

If it’s not enough to simply prove to yourself you’re top dog, you can also challenge your friends through Facebook, Twitter or even Email to call them out and see how you stack up against your buds. It’s a game of the minds, and much more effective than a drunken arm wrestling competition on a slippery bar to prove dominance.

Once you’ve gotten educated, you can try your hand at ‘survival mode,’ where the only way to make it through is to already have compiled yourself a fair amount of mantelligence. Think of it as a fight against mimosas and Bjork music, and the only way to survive is to spout trivia of NFL teams or how to properly operate a band saw.

It’s a lot like the real world, where mantelligence is the only way to survive life with your pride intact. Either that or suffer life as a margarita-sippin’ tennis coach.

Gameplay Video

Mantelligence actually proves to be a fairly pleasant tap-to-achieve time waster, with a wide variety of questions ranging from topics such as sports, beer, and general manly knowledge, from power tools to rock music.

You start off the game as a lowly, flannel-wearing Paul Bunyan, with a handful of lives, a limited number of ‘shields,’ which allow you to skip out on questions and a long trek through the forest until you get to the first boss and the next terrain–the swamp. As you travel through the first sets of questions in the game, you can build your strength by answering questions correctly, so by the time you make it to the first boss, the dragon, you’ve proven your worth as a man and have the tools to take out the foul beast.


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A number of powerups you acquire throughout the map, such as full multipliers for extra points, boss shields to skip questions against bosses, and half questions, which eliminate one of the two answers, can be used to help vanquish these foes.

At this point, you find the river terrain which you appropriately have to swim upstream. The questions here are slightly more difficult, but mostly just require a varied knowledge of all that is man to navigate. Once you defeat the river and the boss hiding in the lagoon at the end, the road gets a little rockier.


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As you enter the desolate wasteland beneath the mountain, your manhood begins to come into question—the questions pick up in difficulty, and you can feel your mustache beginning to droop from exhaustion. The glass of whiskey in your left hand begins to condensate, and your thumbs begin to tire. But once you reach the village at the end, you feel a renewed vigor for your quest, which will carry you through the final series of questions facing you in the mountains. Once those questions have been vanquished, you will be worthy of the final boss and—if you defeat him—the queen who has long been waiting for someone man enough to save them.

Ease of Use

There are only two possible answers for each question, (with the special exception of a three choice multiple answer category) so even if you get a question wrong, through trial and error, you will eventually learn the ways of man.


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Of course, even the strongest man in the world occasionally needs a little help. Throughout the game, you can earn various powerups that will help aid you in your quest to rescue the princess at the end. Or, if survival is more your bag, the powerups will help you live at least another day.

Final Summary

Mantelligence is a wonderful app to add to your device’s stable of games. With both eye catching graphics, academic (ahem) value and an overall easy-to-use interface, Mantelligence is well worth a download. And with its ability to empirically gauge your manhood against your friends without the awkwardness, it’s a great app to put those age old questions like ‘are you man enough?’ to rest for good.

If you’re man enough, or need to be more man enough, give this game a try. Take a look here: Mantelligence – best app for men

Author: Eric Pangburn

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