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Man Cave Tree House For Grown People

One of the greatest rite of passage moments for any kid is building their first tree house. Since time immemorial, springs and summers would be filled with the sound of fathers and sons hammering away, building the optimal hangout spot up among the leaves. They were places that set the scene for some of our greatest memories, and proved a pretty killer chill spot.

Who says we had to leave moments like that behind in the gilded lens of adolescence?



Since the inception of shows like Animal Planet’s Treehouse Masters, adults have been learning to come back to the giant oaks and pines standing in their backyard, building structures meant for more adult activities. These aren’t no ramshackle shed on stilts with a tin can phone resting on a hook—these are next-level, well-constructed micro mansions designed for afternoon escapes in the yard.

Getting Started with a Tree Hause

While any of us would be more than excited to go and hang out in a tree for a while, some among us may not be so enthusiastic. They want the amenities of home with the novelty of hanging out in the trees. Frankly, if you’re going to go up to your buddies and ask them to spend an afternoon in your treehouse, you damn well better have something a bit more lucrative than juiceboxes and comic books.

For us grown people, a treehouse doesn’t stop at the structure itself. Think of it as more of a framework for the potential man cave you can build inside, or as we like to call it, a man nest.

First off the bat, you’ve gotta find the right tree, one that offers enough support as a foundation to hold up whatever wacky stuff you’re going to pack your nest with. Keep in mind that if you have no choice but to use a mediocre tree, you’re going to need additional structural supports, like bracing or stilts.

A good number of plans exist online to help you find a design that will suit whatever trees you have in your yard. Plans certainly aren’t one size fits all, so be sure to do your research.

Man Cave Tree Hause Amenities

Trees are great spots to hang out mainly for all the possibilities they hold in store for their occupants. However, you can hardly enjoy that if you don’t build to suit the setting—you might as well be hanging out in your basement.

Think of cool add-ons to your treehouse, like pulley delivery systems, slides, swings, anything to spruce up the place. You might have some awesome stuff up there. You might even have a fridge or a TV or a sweet couch. But your guests will certainly be pining for some variety.

Like any great man cave, man nests are an opportunity for you to construct a physical testament to who you are as a person. If you happen to have a little dough and access to the right materials, the possibilities are endless. Who wouldn’t love to waste away lazy afternoons guzzling beers in the fuselage of an old jet among the trees?

People who hate having fun, clearly. The only way this could be improved is if they had the emergency slide engaged for quick exits down the tree.

Not all of us build tree houses as hangout spots. There are many a sportsman among us, looking to ride out the chilly mornings of hunting season in a treestand that can not only hide them, but keep them comfortable as they bide their time waiting for the kill.

A good way to do this could be decking out your stand in one way mirrors. The camouflage could be a great boasting point to any of your buddies to force them to reflect on how lame their treestands are. Really, things like this are where rifts in friendships form.

The good thing about treehouses is the actual importance of the tree in both the aesthetic and structural design of cave treehouse

A professional caliber treehouse should be built with the environment in mind, using the area around it to play perfect host to the madness you’ll be building. For an even bigger wow-factor, try incorporating elements like spiral staircases wrapping the trunks of the trees or even new levels on stronger branches. And remember, a treehouse never has to be just a single room on stilts—in can actually be a real, bonafide home in the woods.

Design is a big part of a proper treehouse. Making a statement worthy of the natural serenity of nature should be distinct, but still in tune with the organic nature of the surrounding area. Building around the trees, you can really bring some fascinating ideas to life, incorporating different shapes and ideas in a structure wrapped around the trunk of a tree.

You could even potentially use your treehouse as an accessory to your real house, giving your yard more of an estate feel.

Man cave treehouses make for a quirky statement. Make sure if you’re going to go for that, you do it big, and you do it right.

If you don’t happen to have a good Tree then turning your garage into a man cave may be the better option. Take a look.


Author: Eric Pangburn

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