Finding Sweet Seating For Your Man Cave

So, you’ve finally built yourself the man cave of your dreams, complete with surround sound, really sweet track lighting and your favorite Boondock Saints poster. You’re excited, obviously, and want to show the world how awesome your room really is. So you order a sheet pizza, a couple dozen wings and call up all your friends, pumped up to show them the fruits of your labor.

However, tragedy strikes. After hanging up the phone, it finally hits you. You forgot to give your guests a place to sit.

“There’s no need to panic!” You scream to yourself. “I’m sure here at I can find the tools I need to help me find the best set up for my space!” Well guess what buddy, you’ve come to the right place. Below, we’ve detailed just about every important element there is in choosing the perfect setup for your seating arrangements. So whether you’re looking to accommodate a couple friends or the entire block, we’ve got the advice you need to get things sorted out.

If You Can Consolidate Your Space, Do It.


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Bar space is essential real estate for any man cave. Whenever you design a room you want your friends to hang out in, it sure as heck better have some place to pound some beers while bumpin’ some Whitesnake through your JBLs.

But there’s more to man caves than beer and sports (or is there?). You need activities, things like fooseball and pool tables or giant, over-sized arcade games. Things that take up space. If you can double up on your square footage, you can save a lot of room for a more diverse range of activities.

Try something like this out; combining your bar space with your couch backs. It gives you a cool theater-style seating effect, doubling your capacity, and lets people see the game on the big boy screen while they drink. It’s a win-win. If you want to take a look at some more man cave space saving ideas take a look here: Man Cave Space Saving Ideas

Give Your Seating Some Character


car parts seating


The best man cave chairs all have one thing in common: they’re conventional places suitable for comfortable sitting. What separates those from the ultimate man cave chair is something incredibly important to any true connoisseur. Character. Personality. Something that actually says something about you.

Sometimes, something you can buy out of an Ikea isn’t really the best way to show your true colors. By repurposing an old car seat or even building your own sofa, you can create a custom chair that can really show your friends you’re not only cooler than them, but know your way around a toolchest.

Add Some Risers With A Purpose


raise furniture for storage


We already know one row of seating is for total amateurs. To help your friends in the back row rise above the rest to see the game, risers for your seats are a must-have. But why let them just be risers? That’s just a lot of empty space, something that you can store things in.

Can you imagine how killer it would be to have a storage under everyone’s seat with a man-cave survival kit? Try throwing in a blanket, some 3D glasses, maybe even a tiny complementary bottle of whiskey for when their team starts losing. Hey, the sky’s the limit here.

Let Everyone Know Who The Man Of The House Is


mancave chair

You may have made this room as a cool place to hang out. But we all know you wanted to make a statement too. A statement that this is YOUR domain, YOUR dojo, YOUR place of solitude. It’s a room that, while a venue for great times to be shared with friends, is also your refuge from the world outside and all of the non-manly things that inhabit it.

Frankly, every king needs his throne. And what better way to let your friends know you’re better than them than a man cave recliner worthy of a deity. Look into investing in a massage chair to place front-and-center. Preferably one that looks like it was ripped out of the freakin’ space shuttle. This little baby is worth $4,295 take a look: Osaki Ultimate recliner

Take A Load Off, Bro


mancave recliner sofa


A common consequence of great dude food is often a lessening dude mood. For activity, that is. If you’re in a butter and hot sauce-induced coma from all those wings you ate, take a rest and stretch out on a lounge seat like this. It’s a like a recliner you can actually pass out on comfortably.

There are some obvious drawbacks though. For instance, seats like this take up a lot of space. And if this is a man-specific cave, you better be prepared for some bro-on-bro cuddle action. It’s about to get real comfy up in this cave. On the plus side we found this sweet love seat recliner plus chase for only $630. Very decent price, compact in size to still accommodate smaller spaces. Take a look: Recliner Chase Sofa



toilet chair recliner


Sometimes, the game on TV gets way too epic for you to get up for a bathroom break. If the media timeout is taking too long to get called by the ref, you’re going to need to prepare yourself. For this, we recommend something you’ve probably only seen in your dreams: a recliner that doubles as a toilet.

Now, don’t be prudish about this, it’s really a good idea! It looks unique, it’s stylish and it can eliminate those annoying fourth-quarter trips. Plus, if you’re super comfortable with your crew, you can buy a whole bunch for your space and arrange them theater style. The bros will appreciate it.

Well, all you need to know about preparing the ultimate man cave is here and above. With this knowledge, you may now go forth into the world, far away from the Ikea, and build a mancave worthy of designation as the center of your house. Take a look at some other vital man cave essentials

Remember, the best man caves should be built as a selling point, the showcase of your house. It’s the deal breaker that can turn you into the king of the neighborhood, or at the very least, cool enough for your father-in-law to actually want to hang out with you. Just remember, even if you have all the Boondock Saints posters in the world or even a keg tap installed in the walls, none of it will matter unless the seats are sweet and the action’s good enough to keep people on the edge of them.

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