Top Ten Man Cave Essentials

perfect bachelor pad or man cave

There are a few man cave essentials that can make or break … a true mancave.

In the beginning, there was only the man and the cave, aka room. Having the cave void of any furniture, electronics and entertaining items, gives man the opportunity to create the perfect domain.

A man cave is a place to relax, play games, watch television, listen to music, achieve enlightenment and… drink. Enlightenment does sometimes follow after the drink.

The mancave. Married men are lucky to have one. Single men consider them mandatory. Here are the top ten necessities to make any man cave a true sanctuary.

Big Screen, Small Screen, Flat Screen, Curved Screen

The first addition should be a television, with the biggest TV screen you can possibly afford. This ensures entertainment of some type via a game system or a movie night. Even if you have nowhere to sit, you and your buddies can lean against the wall, throw down some pillows on the floor till all the mandatory entertainment slots are filled. A mancave MUST have entertainment. Take a look at our tv buyers guide for 2017.

Gaming System with Surround Sound

The second thing necessary to create the ideal dude living space is both a surround sound and gaming system, to coordinate with your big screen television. The surround sound allows you and your friends to fully experience the sounds and vibrations of whatever you happen to be watching, or playing on that big screen television.


gaming room setup, man cave


The gaming system gives you and your friends, yet another use for the big screen television. The thrill of playing Shadows of Mordor, Call of Duty: Ghosts or Assassins Creed, with surround sound on that wide screen, will give you and your buddies an experience that small televisions cannot duplicate.  This puts you in the running for the coolest man cave right off the top, at least in your buddies eyes.

Refrigerator or a Mini Fridge

Those who have been suffering through warm beer, or the mundane task of keeping ice in a cooler, the third primary purpose is a refrigerator, or a mini fridge. Why is a fridge important for a man cave? It looks a lot cooler… then a cooler, plus it holds more beer. Not to mention, it can also chill juice for mixed drinks, along with that leftover sandwich you might eat later.

The refrigerator is a welcome necessity that allows the man cave to be more relaxing, without having to go and get more ice, or dump out that which has melted. The cooler is a great way to make due in the beginning, but in the end, a replacement mini fridge must be considered.

Comfortable Seating

Now comes the time to put away the pillows, fold ups and lawn chair seating you and your buddies have been tolerating. The entertainment is in place. The brew has a home. Thus, it is time to get more comfortable.

If you have a specific theme make sure that you are really set on it. Keep in mind we grow and change and you don’t want your pad to be a representation of the old you within just a year. Since seating tends to be a big purchase item we recommend going with a solid color. I am in no way insinuating you color coordinate, only that you compliment. The easiest choice is black, as it tends to go with anything. You also have to decide if you want a couch or a few comfortable recliners.

We wrote an article just focusing on man cave seating ideas take a look: Man Cave Seating Ideas


Leave the fridge for the bottled beer and get a Kegerator.

What is a Kegerator?

A Kegerator is a refillable keg. It is the newest and most convenient way to have beer on tap at all times. It resembles a small refrigerator, only it comes with a tap on top, making it convenient for all to help themselves, plus, it just makes a great addition to the mancave. It also frees up that mini fridge for a few more sandwiches. We wrote a detailed guide about Kegerators, if you are interested take a look HERE

If you cannot affort a Kegerator, all is not lost. There are kits available that will turn your mini fridge into one. Take a look Kegerator Conversion Kits

Home Bar

Create an even more relaxing environment with more alcohol in a nice, neat little mancave bar. The purpose of the man cave is to relax, and there are times beer is not the drink of choice. For those moments, a bar is the perfect answer. There are plenty of kits available with precut parts, assembly required. There are also assembled bars available for purchase. The type and style is up to you. Your Grandmothers china cabinet can make excellent bar storage if necessary. The important thing is to make sure you are stocked with your preferred alcohol, for when the need arises.

Pool or game tables

man cave with pool


A game or pool table is also a nice way to pass the time while relaxing in the mancave. Game tables can easily be found at any number of places. Sometimes second hand stores have them extremely affordable. Pool or game tables also provide other activities for friends who might be waiting for their turn with a video game.

Home Decor

Decorating the mancave is important. You want this room to reflect you. Posters can make a nice decorative addition to any mancave, and they usually come framed or unframed. You can go with a sport team, vintage models, super models, comics and even gaming as a wall theme.

Posters are a great way to add some “umph!” to the room and give it more the mancave personality you choose to emanate.

For some Poster Ideas for your den, check out our Top 10 Poster Article

If you happen to put in that bar, a neon beer sign would make an excellent addition in that area. Any neon sign can complement the room, and give the feel of hanging out at the bar. Choose neon that makes your mancave feel like home. Try to find dim lights that can compliment your other lighting. The last thing you want is a bright red neon sign giving you a headache. Blue or green neon are known to be the relaxing if placed in the right areas.

If neon signs are not your thing there are plenty alternatives at your disposal. Man Cave Rules, funny Traffic Signs, Real life size statues, you name it.


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Author: Eric Pangburn

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