Making a Memorable Man Cave

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The Making of a Memorable Man Cave


A man cave is a special place… to men. We need somewhere to relax, unwind, play video games, drink beer or associate with other men. Thus, a man cave needs to be manly, aka no flowers, pastels or things the wife or girl friend deem proper decor. We require decor, but that means wood, metal, car parts, war memorabilia and things that, for lack of a better word, scream masculinity.

In short… please keep your periwinkle curtains and floral print vintage chairs anywhere in the rest of the house, but not here.

Comfortable but Cool Seating


Having the perfect place to relax in your man cave is important. Thus, finding cool, but comfortable seating can be a priority. Fortunately, there are some great designers out there, and even if you don’t like their designs, you are sure to draw some inspiration from their creativity.

Take for example the F-4 Ejection Seat, which is the real deal. The military seat is welded to a customized swivel base, so you won’t have to worry about popping out of your chair. This authentic ejection seat may have even been sat in by an elder relative or, even a hero.


man cave chair and seating ideas

You can keep the military theme going by adding the Throne Of Weapons Gun Chair. This is more for style and design then comfort, as big guns, primarily Ak47s aren’t known for their cushy quality. The chair does give off the air of masculinity. Plus, you can always tell your friends it is loaded.

As far as a little cushion goes, the Tattoo Skull chair has a Victorian look with a cool skull tattoo design for a pattern. Made from dark wood and materials, this chair adds comfort and masculinity. This dark, stylish design can add a unique, but manly look to any room.



tatoo skull chair for guys room

The Milano Bike Lounge Chair offers a manly look with chrome steel bike rims and flaming tires, plus appeals to the environmentally friendly man cave. The chair has inner tube upholstery, thus less rubber goes to the land fill. The Oil Drum Rocker also offers some green to the man cave by utilizing repurposed oil drums turned on their side for swaying, but the addition of a bamboo seat makes it comfortable.


milano bike lounge chair

Looking for something a little bigger than the average chair, consider a couch. The 57 Cadillac Couch may be right up your ally. This couch was designed by Steven Shaver, noted car enthusiast, who believes in bringing the car home, not just to the garage. This couch features the back seat sitting on custom rims. The upholstery, embroidery, letters and emblems all give way to the Cadilac of the past, but provide the comfort of the future.


1957 cadilac couch; classic car furniture

Somewhere to Sit the Beer


A man needs a place to sit his beer, bourbon or Kool-Aid, depending on his preference, so adding a cool coffee table is a plus. Not to mention, it makes a nice place to kick up your feet after a hard day at work or on the golf course.


alien coffee table for sale

There are so many great choices that really make a statement, such as the Alien coffee table, with a wicked metal alien design base covered with a glass top.


v8 engine table; car engine furniture

There is a simple engine table that offers a nice big block engine, all chrome with a glass top for car enthusiasts. Both make quite the impression, but cleaning that glass can be a chore.


junk car table

Another engine design features black alligator and stingray skin top with a mahogany base featuring brass knuckles and engine parts. The simplest design is perhaps the Junk Car Sheet Metal tables. Just imagine turning your old hood or tailgate into a man cave centerpiece. It is one way to ensure “old Bessie” won’t break down, ever again, yet, keeping her memory alive and well.

Home Office Infiltration


Has the wife added one too many inspirational pictures in the home office? Fortunately, you can add your own touch with a cool desk, like the B-52 Bomber Plane Desk. A sleek, yet masculine aluminum frame, stripped down to expose the rudders and parts of a re-purposed plane wing from WWII. How can the wife complain if you bring a piece of history into the office?


B-52 Bomber Plane Desk

For men who get to redesign the office, AT the actual office, but want something different. You could always go with an Airplane Wing Conference Table for a larger space, where meetings are held.


airplane wing conference table

The glass top allows you to see inside the wing, while still being able to recognize it for what it is. If you have a receptionist, you can stick with the aviation theme by implementing a 747 Cowling Reception Desk.


747 cowling reception desk

These salvaged cowlings are not easy to come by and are used in the creation of the jumbo jet.

Driving into Dreamland


car bed for adults

Men can take a dream ride, literally with one of Jake’s Custom Car Beds. Go for a vintage car bed featuring real car parts and even a functional hood. The hood lifts up and exposes storage space, which can be stocked with your sexiest boxers… if someone happens to wonder what is under your hood. The headlights even come on so you can put her in the spotlight… of find something you’ve misplaced.

Mission Manly Possibilities

There is no reason we have to live with pastels, posies and… periwinkle curtains. Decorating is not just for the feminine, because men have environmental needs too. However, regardless what the wife’s yoga instructor says, periwinkle doesn’t relax everyone. Therefore, we can step out of the shadows and create a room or two in our dwellings, as a testosterone sanctuary. If doesn’t matter if it is the office, basement, play room or bedroom, make a room about you. There is plenty of masculine furniture out there to make a man feel at peace in his surroundings. From WWII ejection seats and plane wing coffee tables to skateboard coffee tables and bicycle lounge chairs, somewhere there is a look that screams you.



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