Low Top Crocs Review – Men’s Citilane Roka Court

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Yes, I got more Crocs, I just can’t help myself, they are so comfy.

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Men’s Citilane Roka shoes have just been released. These are low top breathable flat shoes, specifically designed for warm weather conditions. The shoes are very flexible and lightweight, easy to put on, and most importantly provide all day long comfort. The design has been innovated from its previous versions, making it look more attractive with its sleek modern look and color options. The shoe comes in different sizes ranging from 4 to size 13, making them readily available for most. The shoe comes in different colors blue, red, white, black just but to mention a few. with the different

Citilane Roka Court Shoes

The inner sole is very soft to enhance you with the comfort.

The men Citilane shoes are sleek and narrow to ensure the shoe fits the user to perfection. On the outer sole, the shoes are made in a rough manner to avoid the user falling down on slippery floors and slippery grounds. The shoe actually enhances stability when walking, the shoes are very versatile, its wide usage makes them suit you when putting on with slim fit jeans, shorts, sport kits and many more outfits, they actually have a perfect match, when fitting in your shoe no extra space is left out as long as the shoe is your size.

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The shoe comes in different colors: black, slate gray, navy, white, garnet. My favorite is the slate gray and garnet, something about these off tone colors that adds a unique touch to any outfit. Each pair comes with colored laces along with a pair of white laces which is a nice touch. The shoes have breathable holes for ventilations into the shoe to enhance comfortability and prevent sweating. The shoes feel great, very smooth and soft, you just feel relaxed and comfortable.

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The shoes are very durable they last for a long time without out getting worn out, the best part is how easy it is to clean them. The shoe is made from perforated Matlite™ foam and synthetic sole. The shoes have a dual Crocs comfort and cup sole outsole design.

At Crocs all products have a 90 days warranty making it safe and secure to buy. In case of any issues with the shoe within the 90 days given to you, you can return and be given the best that suits you.

Versatile Shoes for any Occasion

Blisters should be a thing of the past when using the shoe due to its softness, it is a versatile shoe it can be worn with any kind of outfits, the shoes being flexible it can be used anywhere at anytime and finally but not least,the comes with laces that make you tie it too fit to well. With Crocs, when doing the online transaction it is 100% safe and secure, they have all it takes to make sure no frauds occur at the time of the transaction. When transacting using SSL there is encrypted connection implying that you are only who have the access to the connection.

The shoe is an outstanding fit, it comes at a fair price and it for those individuals who love lightweight shoes it doesn’t get better than this. Get a pair of your own.

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