A Lamborghini for Under $4,000?!

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A Lamborghini for under 4,000 dollars?

That sounds like something you only find in dreams! Well here’s a thought to kill the rest of your day: close but no cigar.

You see, a company called CARKITINC has created a kit to apply over a regular car to make it look like one of the strongest super cars on the market (from the outside at least). Jackie Johnson, the creator of this modification, was apparently inspired when first noticing the price of a stock Lamborghini.

That’s where the body mod comes in. With needed adjustments to the face of the car you want to alter, but nothing extra needed on the inside, you can turn your regular Ford into something people gawk at when you fill up your gas tank in about four to six weeks. However, the resulting vehicle intentionally bears a striking resemblance to that of a real Lamborghini.  While this may sound like a neat idea to most of you, the problem comes later on.


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While the idea of owning a cheap Lamborghini is enough to make even the richest businessman drool with delight, it is definitely something that will not happen for a long time yet.

Lamborghini Automobili found out.

They were so upset about the models, that they took legal action against CARKITINC and asked them to “chop up the molds with a chainsaw“.

Talk about severing your competition!

To make matters worse, Lamborghini also requested that CARKITINC send them a video of someone performing said chopping. Lamborghini also went on to say that they were confident that no loyal customer of their brand would settle for just a lookalike.

Johnson and his company were set on their product, and intended on fully defending it in court. Now this was back in 2013, we couldn’t uncover what the lawsuit results were, but carkitinc website is down …. a hint that the defense did not go so well.

We did uncover a host of new websites but most of them do get removed fairly quickly. It is all to evident that a big illegal super-car market exists with many scams taking place. Motor Sport Authority reported on numerous super car scams where the final fake product isn’t even delivered.

One only has to type into youtube “replica cars” to embarking on a internet click fest that eventually leads to a Facebook page with a phone number. It all a bit to shady and desperate if you ask me…

Would you buy something like this?

Author: Eric Pangburn

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