Kegerator Buying Guide

kegerator buying guide

What exactly is a Kegerator?

The Kegerator ~ a new and improved version of the Keg for your home.

The Kegerator is a draft beer dispensing system that is made specifically for those that enjoy drinking a nice cold draft beer at home a few days a week. Imagine an ice cold keg of quality draft beer of your choosing and a refrigerator bond together in the magical Hopsy creation of a one beer dispensing system does all.
This unique creation allows its owner to choose their beer, and drink till their hearts content, or till the keg is empty. The fully functional cooling system is combined with a dispensing and carbonation system, making an all in one design that lasts as long as you keep it, and continue to change out the kegs.

There are Three Types of Kegerators

Despite your living arrangement, there is a Kegerator type that will fit your needs and your personal living space.


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  • Under the Counter Kegerator Units – these kegerators fit securely under a counter or inside a cabinet. This prevents the Kegerator from being the focal point of the room, and allows for discrepancy. The negative aspect is this type of system is not as flexible as some of the others. It is rather stationary. Pricing Information is hard to estimate on custom kegerator units.



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  • Stand Alone Kegerator – These kegerators can be placed anywhere in a room and are considered mobile. These units pretty much look like a mini-fridge with a tap on the top. These are perfect for someone who is indecisive about what room they’d like to compliment with the Kegerator. Starting Price for a good Kegerator is around $500 dollars. Take a look below at what a few different units are priced at



outdoor kegerator


  • Outdoor Kegerators – These wonderfully mobile Kegerators are perfect for those who want to utilize their wonderful tap in the great outdoors on a camping trip, or just a back yard cook out. This style is usually made of stainless steel and the wiring and inner components are protected from moisture. We did some pricing research for Outdoor Kegerators and you can expect to pay a few grand for a good one.



The Flexibility of Kegerator Conversion Kits

For those on a tighter budget who still want the benefits of the Kegerator, you are in luck, especially if you have a mini fridge around. There are Refrigerator Conversion Kits are available for purchase and come with relatively detailed instructions. The buyer must have the mechanical ability to simply install the system into a mini fridge, and their on their way to sipping on sudsy beef on tap at their convenience.

kegerator conversion kits

The hardest part is drilling the hole straight, after that and a little reorganization, you have yourself a homemade Kegerator. You can even utilize a full size refrigerator, if you have one available and add more than one kit. That allows you to keep a few different types of beer on tap.


home made kegerator

Additional Benefits of the Kegerator

The Kegerator is not JUST about drinking beer, it is also about saving money. Kegerator owners can save as much a 50% to 70% off their average beer tab each month. How? Kegs come at a discounted price, and quantity wise, there are big savings when compared to the cost of bottles versus kegs. The Keg holds around 15 gallons, which in comparison would be around 6 cases of beer.

The Kegerator also allows the drinker to choose their own quanity, unlike a bottle or can. If someone wants to go light and only drink 4 or so ounces, the Kegerator makes that possible without any beer waste. Not to mention, Keg beer will stay cool even in storage because it has not yet been pasteurized.

Kegerator Safety

Yes, even the soon to be famous, or infamous Kegerator has some safety concerns. Just like any other household system, it occasionally will need to be cleaned. The ideal time is when the keg is being changed. This makes it easy to clean out the lines used to deliver the beer.

Beer lines become the ideal temperature when unhooked for the growth of bacteria, which can make drinkers feel very uncomfortable.

It is very important that Kegerator owners take the time to clean their lines properly to prevent contamination of the precious beer upon delivery.

Beer Sustainability

Another excellent reason to consider getting a Kegerator is the fact they help to save the environment. The Kegerator uses one Keg at a time. This prevents the use of bottles or cans, thus reducing the amount of waste build up. Preventing extra trash and waste, though it might seem trivial, have a big impact on the environment. This could be considered one of the most environmentally friendly products for beer, thus, drinkers can enjoy their cold draft beer in the comfort of their own greener, living environment.

In the end, the kegerator helps beer drinkers to save money, spend more wisely, entertain at home and cut down on waste. Sign up for our newsletter and we will make sure to send you our beer drinking DIY adventures your way.


Author: Eric Pangburn

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