Man Converts Boeing 727 Into A Man Cave

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Just Plane Living: Portland Man’s Boeing 727 Home


Airplanes to the average person aren’t considered to be the peak of comfort, but Portlandian local Bruce Campbell, an aeronautics enthusiast, proves them all wrong by making a Boeing 727 his permanent man cave. In a new viral video by Great Big Story, with 2.4 million views, Campbell takes us into what he made his home. Take a look to fully appreciate this mans work.



In the video Campbell states that old jetliners are put out of commission and retired at the rate of about “three per day”, with most being destroyed in a strip-down and shredding operation aimed at deconstructing as much as possible.



The deconstruction showed in this video means that very little gets taken to landfill sites, and most recycled pieces are used as spare parts for working jetliners, something we didn’t know but are very happy about.

Bruce Campbell saw the opportunity for a ready-made man cave that also recycled and protected the environment:

If you were an extraterrestrial looking down on this behavior, you’d wonder whether this species has all its marbles in place or not,” he said in the video.

Using the Boeing shell in the woods gives new purpose to a plane that has been decommissioned, and creates an interesting view!

In the hard, retired jetliner Campbell makes use of the two fully operational toilets and has fashioned a makeshift shower to make the jetliner livable. All of his belongings fit inside the jetliner, and it has working lights and electricity with nothing but green trees all around. Now that’s what we call just a plane man cave!

Let us know of any unique man cave ideas you come across, we would love to publish it on our site.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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