Jell-O Shots Made Easy With The Jevo!

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Fully Automated Jello and Edible Shot Maker


Have you ever been ripping it up with your buddies and just suddenly thought that you could use a Jell-O shot dispenser?

Probably not, but that hasn’t stopped some creative minds from coming up with one! It’s called the Jevo Automatic Jell-O Shot Maker, and it could be just the thing to liven up your next soiree.



What is the Jevo Automatic Jell-O Shot Maker exactly?


Think of it as a souped-up coffee maker that dispenses Jell-O shots instead of espresso and you are halfway there. An innovative piece of machinery that makes it ridiculously easy to dish out Jell-O shots, the Jevo features state-of-the-art components and advanced features that will take any gathering to the next level. It comes equipped with a convenient LED screen that assists you through the process of crafting the perfect Jell-O shot no matter how intoxicated you are. It even comes with two additional screens that you can use to advertise your party, bar, or any event you wish.


Any situation that calls for Jell-O shots requires the ability to dispense them as quickly as possible. You will therefore be gratified to know that the Jevo Automatic Jell-O Shot Maker can churn out as many as 20 two-ounce Jello-O shots in 10 minutes, which should be adequate for all but the largest gatherings. If you need even more, the Jevo is priced reasonably enough that you could probably afford to buy two.


kruig automatic makerKruig | Amazon $119.90


The Jevo is actually quite similar in form and function to the Keurig’s K-Cup, which revolutionized coffee making in much the same way that this device revolutionized Jell-O shot making. It utilizes a similar pod-based system, and it allows for a good degree of customizability with regard to mixing different flavors (as many as 15 different flavors can be created) and creating different colors. One thing is for sure: with the Jevo, your Jell-O shots will be anything but boring!


A common trend that we are seeing more and more with many household appliance manufacturers nowadays is fitting their products with features that allow for connectivity with other devices, such as computers and mobile phones. This feature is available with the Jevo as well, which comes with Wi-Fi capability that you could actually use as an Internet connection. It’s beyond us why you would want to log-on to the Internet when you are in the midst of cranking out a batch of Jell-O shots (unless it is to upload pictures of the said shots), but it’s good to know that the capability is there if and when you need it. It will certainly look good next to your keggerator.


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The Jevo Automatic Jell-O Shot Maker is the brainchild of Jeff Jentin, who came up with the idea for the device after realizing the need for an automated Jell-O shot maker. Drawing inspiration from the aforementioned Keurig and another product known as Soda Stream, Jeff came up with the concept for a fully automatic Jell-O shot maker, and the rest is history.

The Jevo is available for pre-oder at


The Jevo Automatic Jell-O Shot Maker will be launched at the Las Vegas Nightclub and Bar show to be held in March 2016.

Author: Eric Pangburn

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