Jack Erwin Hubert Long Wing Blucher Shoe

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Jack Erwin Hubert Long Wing Blucher Shoe


Elegant Blucher style shoes in an attractive shade of chocolate brown will be an excellent addition to a classic smart wardrobe. Jack Erwin is bringing the Blucher right up to 2016, this shoe constitutes a fresh new quality look at a very traditional style that will draw attention wherever you go. The best part is that it will not break the bank.

Jack Erwin has established itself quickly as a quality shoe brand by providing hand-mane quality leather shoes made in Spain at an amazing price. Take a look below:



A whole new look at an iconic shoe style

best cheap leather shoesBluchers were first worn in the eighteenth century (indeed, they are named after an eighteenth century Prussian general) and they are characterized by being made from a single cut of fine quality leather. This gives the shoe a smooth, unified feel – as you can see in this recent creation from Jack Erwin. The side pieces are lapped, and the overall effect is not too dissimilar from a Derby shoe – though shoe aficionados will always be able to tell the difference between the Derby and the Blucher!

As well as being chic and finely made, this shoe from Jack Erwin is also very tough and durable. This is not surprising given that Bluchers were initially designed as army shoes – used by troops throughout Europe, and not simply in Prussia.

These are great shoes to wear every day as part of a work outfit, as you always know that you can rely on them for many years to come.

One final detail is the carefully crafted tongue, which is tucked perfectly into the upper. Moreover, these are lace up shoes, with strong brown laces that match the color of the leather itself: an authentic and timeless detail. Use the laces to ensure that the shoe fits perfectly on the foot, and keep the knot or bow tucked in underneath the upper for the best look.


Refined Quality Leather Shoe Details


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An intriguing additional detail that the designers at Jack Erwin have added to this shoe is the brogued pattern on the front and sides. This is not typical of the Blucher, and these carefully created holes thus create an innovative and stylish effect. The broguing emphasizes the sophisticated shape of the shoe and ensures that, if the wearer so desires, these are items of footwear that will provide a great focal point for an outfit.

The chocolate brown color of these shoes gives them a very robust and rich feel.

Perfect for pairing with everything from sandy colored chinos to pinstripes, these bluchers will add depth and solidity to any outfit. To lighten the palette of your outfit, try pairing these shoes with a light blue colored polo shirt or collared shirt, as dark chocolate brown and light blue are a truly classic combination.


The feel of the leather shoe


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These shoes have a slight heel, which will help the wearer to stand tall. They are designed to be as supportive as can be to the wearer’s feet, which means that they can be worn all day, every day. This is a great feature given that, as mentioned above, these are very durable shoes which if you wish you can wear constantly for years.

The leather from which the shoes are made is both tough enough to hold its shape and keep the foot supported, and flexible enough to ensure that the foot feels comfortable inside. It is pretty weatherproof, too, so these are great shoes for wearing on damp days – just make sure to sponge off the leather carefully if it becomes muddy at all during a hurried commute to work through some drizzly city streets. The soft, suede feel of the leather inside is perfect for even sensitive feet and thin socks!


Quality Craftsmens Ship Shows


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As you can see, these shoes boast long ‘wings’: that means that the parts of the upper that are picked out by the seams run along the whole length of the shoe. This gives them a streamlined, flowing look that looks very smart and dashing. Again long wings are often associated with brogues, derbies, and Oxford style shoes, more than with bluchers.

So here, again, the designers at Jack Erwin have created a shoe that represents a compelling fusion of different classic shoe styles.


Only the finest leathers are used in the creation of these shoes, and they can be cared for using leather creams and polishes. Over time, high quality leather will create a patina that only improves with age, so these shoes are definitely ideal for keeping and caring for over the years as they will look better and better as time wears on.

We’re very happy to see that Jack Erwin has remained true to their standards, last year we reviewed the Ellis Chelsea boot and the quality has remained impeccable. Shoes like this retail for $450+ at Nordstrom and other retailers. If Jack Erwin keeps up the work they will dominate the quality leather shoe industry.

Take a look at the Jack Erwin Hubert Long Wing Bluthers for more info.

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